Kalashnikov takes on vodka market


Two of Russia's most famous exports have been combined in the launch of Kalashnikov vodka - but one shot of it should not prove lethal.
Mikhail Kalashnikov, 84, inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle, proudly presented the new liquor in London.

The general, who designed the rifle after being wounded in World War II, said he wanted to continue the "good name" of his gun.

It has long been the weapon of choice for guerrilla armies around the world.

The new vodka, distilled in St Petersburg, retails for about $24 a bottle. It is already available at several clubs in London
So if we named a tipple after the SA80 ,what would it be? :twisted:
So if we named a tipple after the SA80 ,what would it be? :twisted:[/quote]

Whatever it would be called it would only be sold in single shots, right!
An SA80 drink would presumably qualify as "alcopops-but-doesn't-always- fire". It's certainly a "short", though.

By the way, old Kalashnikov didn't invent the AK. He just nicked the German Sturmgewehr '44 design and tinkered with it! Thievin' Ivan git. :twisted:
The SA80 tipple could be advertised as "Jam today, why wait for tomorrow?" Or "Not with a bang, but with a whimper....." 8)

But the catch is, what cnut would own up to inventing the SA80?


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jonwilly said:
SA 80 a committe job, bit like the camel an arab committys attempt at a horse.
I think it's just a mitty's attempt at a rifle :lol:

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