Kafka comes to the British courts

A very disturbing article indeed.

"At long last, the issue of libel tourism has come out into the open. The Labour MP Denis MacShane instigated a debate in the House of Commons two days ago to draw attention to the fact that Britain, the cradle of free speech and political liberty, has become the epicentre of the attempt to shut down discussion of terrorism and other noxious activities which involve certain wealthy foreigners, who are taking advantage of Britain’s ferocious libel laws to silence all those who try to write about them. Remarkably, American legislatures are being forced to pass bills to stop British courts punishing American writers for publishing books and articles that may be freely read in the United States but about which foreigners with deep enough pockets can sue them in the British courts.

So pernicious is this phenomenon that even to draw attention to it is to risk a libel suit. But whatever is said in Parliament can be reported. So for the first time many can learn, as MacShane said,

...the Kafkaesque position of the writer Rachel Ehrenfeld, whose book, entitled ‘Funding Evil’, examined the flow of money towards extremist organisations that preach the ideology of hate associated with Wahhabism and other democracy-denying aspects of fundamentalist Islamic ideology. It is not exactly a secret that a great deal of the money that has financed fundamentalist extremist organisations that support jihad has come from Saudi Arabia. Ms Ehrenfeld’s book, which was published in America, not Britain, named a Saudi billionaire called Mr. Khalid bin Mahfouz. Although the book was published in the United States, and was not on sale in any British bookshop, he found lawyers to sue in Britain. A British judge imposed a fine and costs on Ms Ehrenfeld, and said that her book should be destroyed, even though she was not in the court. No American court would have entertained such overt censorship.""

what do we expect from the zanu pc wonkers that we are alowing to run thiscountry, bring on the revolution
tropper66 said:
what do we expect from the zanu pc wonkers that we are alowing to run thiscountry, bring on the revolution

PS: The once respected and admired 'Police Farces' will love getting 'stuck into' this, even though it is presumably a civil matter and not a criminal one. They, led by 'thickos' with degrees by the score but no intelligence and barely any 'hands on' policing experience, will delight in toeing the 'party-line' (ZANU Neu-Arbeit naturally) and 'going for' anyone with an 'ejucation' who is able to write.

Come the next government, on day one, unlike Maggie who gave the Armed Forces a huge payrise, the entire police throughout the nation should be purged from the rank of superintendent upwards. Services no longer required. (One exception: Yates, who so nearly 'got' the slimy Bliar).

Rant over, but I have another!

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