Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by PrinceAlbert, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Anyone spent some time there? Looks like I could be there forever.

    My oppo is in Bastion, so has no details.

    Any general info on accommodation, good bits, bad bits. Anything really.


    (Yes, I've taken my own advice and used the search function. The thread from 2010 didn't have much info)
  2. REMF!!!
  3. All I'll sat mate is stay clear of the Boardwalk. Full of fat septics and contractors largeing it. Accm is basic but better than being in the UGV. Loads of opportunities to do phys if that floats your boat and not a bad education centre there. Just be aware of the Yank MPs. They're worse that the old Taleban religious police.

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  4. I'll be out and about, but there when I'm not. It's not my fault the blokes are based there.
  5. **** me, prayers do get answered!
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  6. You'll be fine mate..being a fry chef at KFC isn't all bad.
  7. Cheers, you're not the 1st to have said that.

    All my briefings were on Bastion, as I was gonna be stuck there. Good old on the bus, off the bus, get on a different ****ing bus.

    I've got nothing on KAF.
  8. You will probably be able to save a right wad out there, will you be spending any
    of it on clothes on your return?.......you scruffy cnut.
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  9. Just dont get on the other bus.....
  10. You necky ******!!
  11. I was only there for a couple of days in 2007 but the facilities were top notch and I doubt much has changed. Sorry I can't add much info, I'll see if I got any mates there.
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I thought the boardwalk was shut down? I was there in 2008 (briefly, was based in Kabul) and agree with it being full of fat septics but I heard that a septic General took umbrage that the 'REMFs' were larging it on pizzas and burgers whilst the boys were out getting shot at on a regular basis. Didn't take into account that said boys looked forward to a little bit of 'normailty' hence flocking to the boardwalk for coffees and burgers when they came back in.
  13. You've got mates?

    No wonder the other mods shun you.
  14. Cheers
  15. Enjoy the all-pervading smell of shit.

    Though googling poo-pond reveals that it may not be for much longer.