KAF NAAFI - Meindls??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cdn_spr, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Hello all,

    Just a quick question. Does anyone know if the NAAFI at KAF sells Meindl Desert Foxes?


  2. Bump

    I ask because they are insanely expensive to get shipped to Canada, and I will be there in a few weeks so would like to pick up a pair.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    In my Exp the EFI in KAF sell the square root of feck all - but maybe that's changed. The PX is however bloody great, and the Dutch place is pretty good too.

    I'll ask someone there tomorrow and hopefully let you know.
  4. You could always try buying some of a Brit when you get out there
  5. That is a better idea, and more likely to be cheaper coops, thanks.

    In which case, any brits currently at KAF (or in the UK willing to ship via BFPO) have a pair of size 11UK (US 12) they're willing to part with, either for cash or canadian gucci kit/gizzits?
  6. @Old Snowy -

    I agree, when I was there in 2006 with the brits it had a great selection of cigarettes and cologne, but f-all else.
    However my old man was working in Basra for an NGO and managed to buy himself a pair from the NAAFI at the airbase, hence why I ask.
  7. Def have then in the brit naffi shop in kaf.
  8. Ask a brit!!!!
  9. Hi mate.
    from when I was out there last year, go to the yank PX, because it is a fair bit cheaper than the Brit EFI and it has far more choice/range. It is also stocked IMO for the squaddie, wash kit, mosturieser's etc ideal size for your webbing/bergan.
    mosturieser? :oops: ......... not gay, I found the skin on my hands started to crack within 2 days of getting out there, it is so dry by the way! :)

    Meindl's :cry: ? got issued them for KAF for Herric 09, my feet didnt like them from the word go. If I was you, go to the PX and get a good pair of the yank desert boots or a pair of the Brit Lowa's from somewhere mate.
  10. Try the German PX, American PX and possibly the British EFI. There were some in about a month ago.

    PS don't go to the Canadian PX it is pump.
  11. lowas are now on issue.
  12. Check PM's!
  13. Many thanks for all the replies and PM's, looks like even if the EFI doesn't have em I'll be able to square away a pair.

    Ahh....the power of ARRSE.
  14. I bought a pair from the EFI in Bastion in 2008, paid $95 or $150 for them, scored another pair by exchanging my CF boots at Bastion QM for them.
  15. They had them in the EFI at bastion at the start of 2009. They were crap anyway mine took 3 months to break in. Either that or my feet got harder.