Kae Sahn, Vietnam, 1968

I want to find the USMC or US Army records for those in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968, specifically Kae Sahn 1968.

I recently re-found a dogtag I bought a few years ago on a visit to the base. The Vietnamese rag and bone man told me at the time he had found on the airbase (i.e. not attached to a body/skeleton) and I wanted to post it to the holder. Better than a Frog buy it.

Yes I am a boring ******, still he might like it. No, he's not listed as KIA or anywhere else on Google.
Google US army website and use the contact us option, then send them a message with the details.
If you get no joy,PM "jumpinjarhead",ex USMC,the right era,may even have been there,worth a punt.

If he can't help,he might know someone who can!

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