Kabul to Kandahar 1880


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Mrs found a new book in the library to keep me off the computer for a bit -

'The March to Kandahar - Roberts in Afghanistan', Rodney Atwood, Pen & Sword 2008.

Clearly written with current events at the back of his mind but essentially the story of Bobs' career with major focus on his famous march and the eventual battle of Kandahar.

VG references and sources, for instance from Lt Col EF Chapman's paper in JRUSI vol.xxv 1882:

".. large numbers [of locals] assembled for battle were able to disperse in flight. Men who had been engaged in hand-to-hand combat disposed of their arms in the villages .. and would meet their pursuers with melons or other fruit in their hands, adopting the role of peaceful inhabitants .. "

My own interest in this being that my grandmother told me that her father (then Lt RHA) had 'marched with Lord Roberts from Kabul to Kandahar' but I have never been able to confirm this in spite of fossicking around in the National Archives - he does seem to have been on the Jowaki expedition to bash upsome Afridis at about the same time.

Just to set the scene: 'Saving the Guns at Maiwand' (not from this book - found it on the internet)

Your Grandad could well have been in both campains the dates are right 1878/9 1880
jonwilly said:
Yeah bet he knew Gung with his Clicky Bat.
What ever became of the Wolf of Kabul ?

The Hotspur and The Victor you are showing your age

When I was up the Khyber, FT Ali Mujid
Showing mi age!
Whippersnapper !!
My friend Major Roy tells tales of when he was up the Khyber in 41 taking 'Trades test' boards.
As a Sapper Subaltern he was the Technical representative on said Board.
Yeah Hotspur sounds right, my my would there be an outcry now if it existed.

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