Kabul then and now picture.

I travelled through with my father a couple of times in the 1970s. It was indeed quite a decent place for that part of the world; lots of lush gardens and parks, busy markets, typical post-colonial infrastructure and services. Reasonably liberal attitude in the cities, but back to the Middle Ages further out. No particular evidence of hard-line Islam, of course.

Think the photos actually show Western women....
When the russians invaded in 79, afg had been a fairly liberal countery. People treated each other with a degree of civility and women were held in some regard and generally respected. Unfortunately after years of war and the emergence of the taliban the tribal nature of the people returned them into cavemen. Girls and women are treated as a breeding facility or if one has enough status a regenerative sex machine.
Whilst we have feckin zealots like this in the world there cannot be civilisation as we know it. The most powerful urge known to both man and women is SEX. Suppress it and you will have problems. The men turn into beasts and the women dry up into fannyshrivelled old hags. Not very good is it?
Mr_Deputy said:
to be fair I'd wager neither of those too chicks look at good as they did back then either.
Not had as many squaddies through them either!


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Fallschirmjager said:
I thought Kabul was bigger than that.
It was a big village in the early 70's. Herat, Kandahar and Mazi were small villages. Taxis were a horse and cart. The people were lovely but you wouldnt mess with them.

The fine hospitality, the humour and the warmth aside, what I remember most about the place, is this...

Unlike their neigbours, Iran and Pakistan, in Afghanistan it was the women who would come up and ask you questions. The men would be sitting back, sipping tea, and watching to see how it panned out with the Feringhee.

The women were fearless. Decked in black and gold and stuff - laughing...

Then the Russians decided to fuck the job. The Americans decided to fund the job. And now we have Wooton Bassett.

There are four places in the world with that weird, hard, friendly vibe.

The Sikh bit of the Punjab around Amritsar
and Newcastle upon Tyne

Thank you George W Bush and Tony Bliar. I shall remember you in my prayers, I really fucking shall.

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