Kabul seeks control over NATO deployments

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. http://dailymailnews.com/200901/21/news/dmboxitem2.html
  2. what happened to the outrage against Taliban killing Civilians indescriminately and in higher numbers
  3. One could add, it is playing into Obama's hands, as if the reports are correct Karzai is on borrowed time!

    Again He said She said!!
  4. Can't see the problem really, it's their country and we should do what they require of us or leave. It's the same with Iraq, both countries have an elected Government and National Sovereignty, we would soon kick off if we had foreign troops in Leicestershire blowing things up and not doing what they were told.
  5. It looks like a competition between NATO/US, EU and The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation over influence on Afghanistan...
  6. Is there going to be an election soon?
  7. America, UK or Afghanistan?
  8. Lol

    Afghanistan of course.
  9. Yes in Afghanistan. Nice to see Karzai learning the art of Western politics so quickly - postering to his potential supporters in advanced of the election.
  10. He would brick it big time , if we upped sticks and left, I recal what happened to the last President of Afghanistan Niabullah a Communist who "invited" the Russians to invade to stabalise the country against the Mujahideens, when it went pear shaped, he took refuge in Swedish Embassy if I recall, when the Taliban won control of Kabul, they dragged him out and hanged him.
  11. Or maybe Karzai is trying to strengthen his position by letting it be known NATO(US) is not the only interested party in a game for Afghanistan?

    "Europe needs energy supplies from central Asia, and central Asia needs European investment. Another sphere of mutual interest could be security in Afghanistan. At present, the EU offers financial support to the Afghan government and helps to train its police and judiciary, and the SCO has established a contact group with Afghanistan. Both sides want to do more, and they might be able to make a greater impact there by working together rather than separately. The EU has money and the Shanghai organisation, whose members almost all border Afghanistan, has trained personnel and direct experience of the region."
  12. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    That bit about not entering houses... Could that be anything to do with the several tonnes of partially refined opium that Brit troops found in the basement of a house? A house that was owned by either his (half)brother or his brothers "business associate"? Appologies for the vague. Just woke up, not feeling well, can't be bothered researching...
  13. Wasn't Karzai a former employee of Haliburton ?
    Now that Good old Dick has gone perhaps Karzai's time is coming to an end.
  14. sounds like the major of kabul is getting too big for his boots!
    if he keeps on saying things like that there will be a regime change for the changed regime.