Kabul Intercontinental hotel attacked,

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Can we accept that, Elevenerife-ing and a spectacularly badly worded original post aside ("my spies" FFS), it's a reasonably interesting report and proceed on that basis rather than heading down the road of Tropper-baiting?


That's nothing, I've got a lion at home, I can jump over my house and my dad invented cheese

Just seems like another "Mumbai" style attack to me, according to the news attacks in Kabul have increased since Osama got greased. A sign of things to come or just some angry beards upset that their mucker got the good news? Only time will tell, my money is on attacks dying down (relatively speaking) once they find something else to be angry about.
Fair point Sixty (tbf though he does ask for it) my last non serious comment, I genuinely laughed out loud (lol, rflol, lmfao etc etc) at Crow bags cheese comment, deliciously random.
Doesn't strike me as "bizarre". It's a very tall building on top of a hill, overlooking yer man's house. Also, there was no security to speak of, apart from the owner's metal detector in the foyer, which you could walk around by either a/ giving him ten dollars or b/ shooting the guard.
change the photo to a non copyright version, fire from the roof of the hotel


Pity that they can't spell.
I've always called my god 'lord', I do hope 'know' isn't angry with me.

The big lump of salt formally known as Mrs Seagull would answer that question.
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