Kabul Intercontinental attack Cont.

Terry's view, funny they got the dates wrong

Latest updates on Kabul operation, more than 90 killed

" KABUL, June 19 – Mujahideen officials say the Kabul operation ended successfully today with scores of the military officials and advisors of the invading forces along with dozens of the top-level officials of the stooge regime killed in the martyrdom operation

and large-scale attack on Kabul Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul city.

The operation was planned and carried out last night at about 10:00 pm local time by 8 brave Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, Omar, resident of Kunar province, Karimullah from Zabul province, Anas, Logar province, Qari Roohullah, Wardag, Qari Fakhrudin and Musal Ramanullah, Khost province, Qari Sadiq Kunduz province and Ahmad from Paktia province, who after after clearing all the security barriers, took positions inside the facility and opened fire on certain targets.

Full account of the operation:

A martyrdom-seeking Mujahid, Muhammad Omar, on his cell phone during the operation said: A Mujahid carried out a martyr attack at the eastern gate of the hotel and cleared the way for the other martyr-seeking Mujahideen to enter the hotel who shut all the entrances behind them, searching all the rooms for the US-NATO military advisers and their puppets and were shot on sight in each rooms as they were found. And More than 50 invaders and their puppets were killed and dozens were wounded; while this was all done in the darkness with the help of the torches till Wednesday morning, at about 4:00 due to the power cut as soon as the Mujahideen entered the facility.

The enemy forces were firing at the windows of the hotel from remote distance, and at 3:00 am local time the invaders’ helicopters approached the scene and sprayed a kind of explosives which set the top floor of the hotel on fire.

Meantime, the group of Mujahideen approached the gates which were shut off and started targeting the enemy forces from the gates and windows of the hotels killing or wounding dozens more till 8:00 am in the morning of the day.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for Al-Emarah, in a telephonic conversation said, the operation headed by a Mujahid Omar lasted successfully for 12 hours in which more than 90 military advisors and other top-level officials of the US-NATO invaders along with the high-ranking puppets were killed and several more wounded.

Mujahid added that we gave the detailed account of the operation to the media outlets but, they admitted to be under pressure from the higher authorities and are unable to release the full details of the operation.
Have you nothing better to do than keep posting this crap, I lost a good nights sleep because of the noise from the Inter Con. These phots posted are not taken by Yon, but bought off a local, if your that bored try moving next door to me and you will find Kabul is not worth dripping about every few hours.

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