Kabul Golf Tournament

I,m a firm beliver that the way to make some sport intresting is
adding the odd anti personnel mine to the field


browny31310 said:
Better put a few in the high jump pit at the athlethics :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Personally I'm in favour of electrifying the bar in the high jump and pole vault. :D
It may sound extreme, but i can think of a way of making the 10,000 metres more enjoyable.

You just send a jack wagon round behind the squad. It's no ordinary jack wagon. It would look like something off Mad Max and hang back at 20 metres off the rear man. After a couple of laps, when the competitor from Tonga or the Falklands get tired, out jump a bunch of likely lads and the dreg gets pick-helved into the truck. It would be great and you wouldn't be sat there scratching your head thinking "Is that bloke getting lapped or is he really far ahead?"

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