Kabul 2007

I served with British Army there in 2007 (still serving) and met the seven Irish officers and SNCOs who were at HQ ISAF. Would love to catch up with the small one with the funny accent. He had mentioned he was off to do a big job at the Curragh and I was wondering if he's still there. Sorry if this is a bit cryptic but grateful if someone could let me know!
I was there in 2007 too and I know who you mean!! But can I hell remember his name!

I was also there in 2008 and got to know the Irish lads a little better.

Good luck in your search fella....
Did he say he was based in the Curragh or just doing a short term posting there? If you can PM me a few more details (Rank, Unit, etc.) I'll do my best, a few mates of mine are based there at the moment.

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