K13eods Spacker Shoe - Lets Replay SANDAL!

Ladies & Gents.

The Spacker Shoe has finally emerged from hiding! Let's re-play the game of SANDAL for charideee! First you should know the story behind this unholy relic:

After a couple of days in hospital I persuade my girlfriend and my Lebanese driver to go to the market and get me ONE sandal for my remaining right foot.

So off they go and find a shoe seller who is not best pleased at the prospect of being able to sell just the one sandal ... what will I do with the other says he? Keep it says my driver; there is much clearing of mines going on in the south and eventually someone is going to lose the other foot and we will come back and purchase the second sandal.

So in true Phoenician merchant tradition the shoe trader sells the sandal to my girlfriend at a little over half price, replaces the second in the box and puts in on the top shelf.

A couple of weeks go by and two friends and my driver are dispatched back to the shoe seller to tell him that there has been a further accident and a man requires a left sandal. Beaming with joy, the merchant fetches the box off the top shelf, opens it and shows the sandal to my muckers. Oh no say they, it's the wrong f*cking size ... and off they go leaving a very disappointed trader to replace the sandal on the top shelf.

Apparently, after I was repatriated they returned to the shop on at least another two occasions with 'wrong foot' and 'wrong colour' remarks. I still wonder if the Leb has that sandal today!
What are the rules?

The sandal is auctioned [cash to Help Them Out/Holidays 4 Heroes]. The auction will last for 48 hrs and then the sandal will be sent to the winner. The winner will then add his username to the sandal and photograph it in an unusual/bizarre location [preferably not inserted in an orifice belonging to themself/another human/an animal]. The winner will then come back onto this thread, post the photograph and shout "SANDAL" and bidding starts again for a 48 hr period. If the winner does not shout "SANDAL" within seven days of receipt of the sandal [without a reasonable excuse] they will be "fined" the same amount as their original winning bid. Postage costs to be met by the sender. Oh yeah, the sandal must be sent with an unusual 'surprise' item that must be included in the next photo!

Got it? Good!

So, where are we up to? Ok, it went something like this:

Back in June 2008 I offered the sandal for auction with the 'two headed dog' picture:

Spaz won it first on 25th June 2008 for 45 quid and this was his pic:

Ord_Sgt won it next on 9th July 2008 for 40 quid and, unfortunately his pic was deleted ... shame ... nice burd! But we will try and get that back for your entertainment!

The next winner was Scarletto on 1st August 2008 for 30 quid but he couldn’t take it due to work committments so it was re-auctioned.

YesItsMe won it on 3rd August 2008 for 35 quid and this was her pic:

Next up was JoseyWales who won it on 9th September for a very generous 100 quid and this is his pic:

Smudge67 won it on 27th October for 45 quid but never received it. But it turned up last night on the London ARRSE St Georges Day festivities!

Now, the sandal is currently with Saintstone but needs to be with PrinceAlbert (acting on behalf of Smudge67) as he paid for it last. It may be at Twickenham next weekend for a photo opportunity and then back to THIS thread for PA to auction. Clear? Good.
Sadly I can't find the original pic K, but suffice to say it showed the sandal with a rather nice pair of norks, uncovered too. So I challenge all you hermers to do better.
Ord_Sgt said:
Sadly I can't find the original pic K, but suffice to say it showed the sandal with a rather nice pair of norks, uncovered too. So I challenge all you hermers to do better.
An exceptionally fine set of norks as I recall O_S ... shame the pic has gone missing :cry:

Maybe when we get this restarted someone else can up the ante on sandal/nork art.

Meanwhile we await news from Saintstone & Prince Albert!

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