K13eods spacker shoe ... lets play SANDAL!

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by k13eod, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Ladies & Gents.

    Let's play a game for charideee! It's called sandal and first you should know the story behind it [from a previous post]:

    So ... onto the game. I will start by offering the aforementioned sandal for auction [cash to MDNs slush fund]. The auction will last for 48 hrs and then the sandal will be sent to the winner. The winner will then add his username to the sandal and photograph it in an unusual/bizarre location [preferably not inserted in an orifice belonging to yourself/another human/an animal]. The winner will then come back onto this thread, post the photograph and shout "SANDAL" and bidding starts again for a 48 hr period. If the winner does not shout "SANDAL" within seven days of receipt of the sandal [without a reasonable excuse] they will be "fined" the same amount as their original winning bid. Postage costs to be met by the sender.

    Got it? Good!


    Auction ends 1200hrs Tuesday 24th June 2008.

  2. An hour has passed and the watchers aren't bidding!

    So a bump it is.

    Don't forget this will raise money for charity and it also gives my sandal a trip out of the closet (fnah).

    Do I hear a paaand?
  3. 25 Paaaahnd mate.
  4. I can't understand the rules at all. I was nine when I left school to work in a coal mine and what's worse, I was born in Wales. Christ! If you want my money, post a picture of a huge pair of boobs and tell me I can touch 'em for twenty quid!
  5. Good on yer Guv'nor 8)
  6. bump (shamelessly)

    BTW if you don't bid on this you have to go on a date with Big Bird 8O
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  8. Tirty tive.
  9. bumped again :D
  10. You can touch 'em for twenty quid ...


    ... don't soil your keyboard DR!!!
  11. I don't understand. Am I bidding on the sandal or the chubby blart with the saggy funbags?
  12. No mate ... you bid on the sandal ... the chubby blart (you missed out spot infested and pig gipping) was purely for DummyRound on account that he is Welsh and unable to understand the rules.

    He prefers a cheaper more simple pleasure than sandal ownership methinks.