K13eods spacker shoe ... lets play SANDAL! (5)

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by JoseyWales, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Sorry about the delay on this but I was working on a number of things, all Arrse related.

    The sandal is up for auction again. Perhaps the next successful bidder could take a pic at one of the other remaining Rorkes Drift VC's locations.

    I will provide a link after this post. Gonville Bromhead will present a challenge for sure.

    I was behind sepulchre holding the other end of the fishing line.

    Bid on.

    SANDAL !
  2. £25!
  3. Any raise on the Smudge bid ?
  4. Nice one Josey :D

    Come on chaps MDN will get yer cash anyway so you might as well have fun with the sandal!!!

    Buuuuummmmmmmmmmpppppp ...
  5. Any raise on the Smudge bid ?
  6. This has a two day time limit.

    Smudge, if you have the winning bid I will cycle over and hand it to you during the next week. Perhaps we can have a drink in your local RBL.

  7. Bugger, didn't see this.
  8. Well there's still time to up the bid I think?
  9. And so you should Smudge ... twenty five notes ... you tight cnut :D
  10. My names already on it mate, I don't want to hog it.
  11. Sod it £30 :D
  12. I bought a charity book the other day for £100, donated some cash to "Help them Out", bought a H4H rugby shirt that I've donated as an RBL auction thingy.....£25 suits me fine :)
  13. Ive made you a speshul medal to wear out of a Mr Kipling cake tin and a ribbon I found :wink: