K13eods spacker shoe ... lets play SANDAL! (4)

K13eod came up with the sterling idea of auctioning his shoe off, donating the proceeds to HTO and each winner getting a decent photo of said shoe in an unusual setting. Original thread here.

Spaz won the first auction and being a Spaz only managed to get a picture of it on a metalwork bench or something, such a gay hermer effort he should bugger off and join the RAF. Although to be fair he did pay 45 quid to HTO.

Ord Sgt suggested to a Doris he knows that it would be a good idea if she got her kit off for the troops and let me photograph her holding said windswept hero's shoe.

First I couldn't decide whether to take a 'duty photo' or rather a 'regional' one. In the end it I decided for the duty one.
If anyone's interested in a photo with the sandal in front of the Hermanns Denkmal in Detmold, let me know, cause that's the other one I took. ;)

So let's start all over again. Who's the first to bid for this outstanding sandal?

And I've been told by K13eod that I have to start the next auction by shouting 'Sandal'.

So ... SANDAL !!!

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