k13eod ... my story ... the poll!

Should k13eod write a book?

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Ok, I have been sort of convinced that I might quite like to write a book based on my story. For those who haven't got a clue what I am talking about look here:


As there were close to 4500 hits on the blog and about 70 positive responses, I thought I might post this in the NAAFI to allow proper arrse ripping. And of course the poll to find out if it is worth me writing!

Unquestionably YES ...

The story has:
1. Human interest.
2. Military interest.
3. Medical interest.
and, to an extent,
4. Geo-political interest.
5. Humanitarian interest.

Done deal ... that's 5 copies sold!!
Signed by the Author copies ... P&P paid up front together with a [minimum] £5 donation to Op HAMSTER.

If the pictures include one of you frotting Emma Watson with your techno-leg, sales could rocket :lol:
Go for it Kev. It would beat, hands down, some of the guff out there. If it makes you a few quid too then even better, you bloody deserve it.

I got taken out by a mortar round in FI and lost the front of my left arm plus some torso injuries. Reading your account made my blood run cold as it brought back a lot of the feelings/smells/experience. But, like your mates, mine saved me and joked about it as they were carrying me away too.

Beautifully written and honestly put, you can't beat it.

best of luck with it mate.

They say everybody has one good book in them ...so why not.

What have you got to lose ?
Contact these people:
Pen & Sword
I work as a buyer at Borders so if you need some contacts PM me and I'll see what I can do.
Go for it but save it for the book much as I enjoyed the thread you should make the cash, good luck,

You could always make a thread of the other stuff or perhaps you thoughts on things
Not really bothered about making money out of this project but if I do a healthy percentage will go to service charities. Definately BLESMA (for obvious reasons) and a charity chosen by Arrsers.

k13eod said:
Not really bothered about making money out of this project but if I do a healthy percentage will go to service charities. Definately BLESMA (for obvious reasons) and a charity chosen by Arrsers.

My bold: do it, please. I became a supporter of BLESMA having attended a charity event many, many years ago. I was a callow youth who had yet to do his first Op tour but that afternoon left it's mark.

I do'nt think I've met so many positive attitudes gathered in one place.

........and they drank like fish :D !
Just scanned through your ' missive'...

as a person who makes a ' living' out of writing, I can safely say you'd be a fool not to persue this... what you've already ' blogged' here would be sufficient for any reasonable/right thinking publishing house to read as an ' outline'.. I'd be bloody mad if one didn't assign you an editor and ' handler' to help the project along and offer a modest ' advance' to allow you time to write/research or hire a flunky to do background, etc. .


If you don't get a nibble/ ' expression of interest ' from a book outfit PM me and I'll put you on to a couple of publishers I've worked with.. There is a definite market for this and, given the 'newsiness' of Afghanistan/Iraq and the African conflicts a topicality you should be cashing in on...besides since Prince Chuck's late Ex was all over landmine issues and she still gets press you got an expanded market in the anti-war, earth-day pacifist milieu as well as in the gung-ho pro-military aficionados such as lurk here on ARRSE..[ not to mention the legion of walty airsofters who will want to quote ' hard passages from you tome around the campfires after paintballing themselves silly at weekend shootfests..]

I can't see this not being a best-seller, Movie-of-the-week and subsequent TV series.. think of it as a updated remake of UXB ..Pierce Brosnan could play you or, if too old, then Clive Owen...

this is a no-brainer...
It's a shoe in at least., but I think you've more than a leg to stand on.

I'll buy a copy.
Of course you should write the book. However, if that's the way you are going then a publisher won't be too happy to see massive amounts of the book online already so sadly, I'd put an end to the blog for now. Some publishers would consider that an "already published" author and therefore some of the grants available to them for a first time author inaccessible. That's what makes a first time author appealing, are the amount of grants available to publishing houses.

The good news is, that with what you've already written, it would go a long way for being an outline to submit to a publisher.

But before you head off to the writing room, go see a lawyer and take care of the intellectual property issues relevent in the UK so that you are protected.
Go for it. EOD is always a fascinating subject and an up front and personal account will do well.

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