K**bhead McGowan at it again.

The "performance artist" Mark McGowan is at it again! This time he is claiming to have eaten a corgi in protest at the royal family's treatment of animals. No doubt funded by some local arts council I'll wager.

On the beeb
If you lot really want I can get this c0cksucker invited to China on an all expenses paid 'Arts' junket and have have the 'Snakeheads' deal with him in a seriously tabloid fashion.

Just need four positive posts......


That tool wouldnt understand the proper treatment of animals, the Royal Household looks after its animals far better than PETA and wakners like him!
Yeah, I noticed that the PETA bint was backing him on this one. Glad to see that her republicanism comes before her love of animals.
I hope that the "Corgi" meat gives him the sh1ts - however he will probably scoop it up and turn it into another one of his art treasures.
This Mark McGowan can't be a serious artist, it's some guy extracting the urine;

Mark nailed his feet to the gallery wall protesting against leaves.

Mark walked backwards for 11miles with a 27lb turkey on top of his head shouting at fat people along the way through a homemade loud hailer, it was a piece about the obesity pandemic.

I mean ffs! :D

He's probably put one over one the "PETA bint" as well - PETA now there's a shower of hypocritical feckers


(Penn & Teller did an excellent Bullsh1t! program on PETA - should watch it if you get the chance)
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