just arrived this morning, was ist dere to see and do?

meiner spricken de hun ist terrible, und de locals shitsse gross...

not at all like the nederlands a ew days ago... they sure know how to celebrate Queens Day!

Cheers in hopeful anticipation....

meh... thanks guys, but am in Berlin now. took the 200km/hour ICE. fcking puts UK trains to shame..

Rudolfplatz was cool, but with the tight budget im running, need to get east asap..

i spent 156 euros in Amsterdam, don#t smoke the gange´, and didnt get any hookers, the locals were really helpful and i met a crazy dutch gurl in the Vonderpark!

I only heard about the assasination attempt on the Queens Day parade that evening, and the trance/techno street party we planned to go to was cancelled out of respect to the dead.

fcking terrorists.... :(

Maybe meeting her in rome in about ten days..
An absolute beautiful city.

Mr Dale and I would get the train from Gutersloh to Koln just to have lunch.

The Cathedral is awesome, but there is nothing like sitting at the side of the Rhein having a glass of wine with your salad.

I'm jealous!!!!
there seems to be some sort of bbq festival on a sandy mock bahamas bit with this funky old guyx band playing american and german rock music and the beers are ******* sweet! Pilsner. i thjink,

meh, i ha´ve to find mz 20 euro hostel, hopefully it wont be a trek like the one in Köln.....google is saying 35mins. and 5.1km...

i only have about 11kgs. so not cant complain.
You boys obviously haven't visited in the tow of the wife....

For the ladies enjoyment, there is the Chocolate Museum. Actually quite good :oops:

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