You can take the man out of the jungle - but you can't take the jungle out of the man.

Some of my comments about Brunei seem to have brought back fond memories to those that have had the privilege. Who can forget the gauntlet of catcalls from the lady boy population hanging around the back fence every time a Royal went by, or the 'march or die' jaunt through the mangrove swamp - 'just to prove you should never go through one'. No s***t Sherlock!

I was there in 92 Capt_Crash. I do remember Ginge C. We had an RGJ officer on the course who was so popular back at his Battalion that as soon as he had finished the course they sent him straight to Norway for the Artic course. Hmmm...tropics on Thursday afternoon; Norway in January on Monday morning. The Mafia strikes again!
God works in mysterious ways. I bet he had as much of a culture shock as the RAF pilots between basic & Hawk training who were sent to PCBC. Even the resident Rock Ape was embarrassed. Isn’t great when you get people who never have to walk further than the mess car park on infantry courses. Suffer the little children.


I have just finished the course that has been developed out of the old JWIC. I can say without fear or favour that it is the best course I have done in the Army. No BS just brilliant instruction from guys who know what they are talking about, treat you like professionals and acknowledge that you have been around the block a few times. The blokes at Brecon and Warminster should take a leaf out of JWW's book. The jungle is harsh and they do not try to teach you stuff you already know just how to do it in the jungle. The one exception to that is navigation if you think you can navigate without having been taught to do it here - think again.
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