JWIC: DS 1, a knobber.


DS 1 on JWIC has been singulary the most unimpressive individual I have had the misfortune to encounter whilst in the forces. This is a view, shared not only by myself, but every JWIC student in the last two years. He is currently running his last course and I would like to ask all former JWIC students for their own personal reccollections of DS1, as a lasting memorial to the biggest knobber to have worn a globe and laurel.
;D :D ;) :( :mad: 8)
JWIC? Whassat?
Jungle Warfare Instructor's Course - growing a beard, getting bitten by creepy crawlies and talking about the "J" and I don't think that stands for Jesus in case there are any members of the Officers' Christian Union looking at this site



Beware of personnal diatribes at individuals.  Whether you like him or not DS1 is to close to an attack on a named individual, exactly the sort of post that will incur the wrath of the powers that be.  Whose moderating?
We all are! and Good CO has been made aware. The rules, gentlemen, are quite simple, NO NAMING! For the avoidance of doubt, this also includes identifying individuals by either their position or post.

I will leave it for Good CO to take any final decision on this thread as it is his forum, however you should all be aware of the consequences to this site of stepping over the line. It would be a shame for a valuable resource such as this to be closed down because of the careless actions of a few.

Bad CO

Right - no more being rude about DS1. He has joined the list of names that may not be said!
Thanks for pointing this out guys - remember if you want ARRSE to keep running (& me not court martialled/ sued for slander) - NO NAMES (job titles, identifying details, etc)