Jutice Texas Style

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by merchantman, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Watched this on the news last night, which also played the 911 call. The bloke was clearly distraught that the molester was dying on him, and good to see that common sense and moral justice were the order of the day. Wife observed that the judgement was spot on, but she had no confidence that the UK system would have come to the same conclusion.
  2. Good result. One less scumbag in the world and the Texas justice system made the right decision.
  3. Great stuff. A judge with common sense. I'll be buying that judge a bottle of beer, not ramming it in his face.
  4. Spelling Texas style too?
  5. And our poor Biped still in clink for getting a bit stabby.
  6. A bit stabby may an apt name for the STAB **** but in reference to his actual crime he almost disembowelled his victim.

    I hope Biped is now the very loose girlfriend of the whole prison wing.
  7. What is significantly different to how this would have been dealt with in the UK is that "The father was not arrested, but was investigated for homicide."

    Now it is only right and proper that he was investigated but this goes to show that there is no necessity to arrest someone to investigate whether a crime has been committed.
  8. Perhaps he'd had a bad day.
  9. If he hadn't then, he will be now.
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  10. Spotter
  11. Am I missing something? Biped from this site?
  12. Glad to see the yanks finally getting something right.
  13. I didn't see it on the telly but having read the report on this thread, I completely agree with your view about the Texas decision.

    In terms of a UK scenario, I think it's a matter of judgement of each case based on it's merits. Of course different people have different views depending on the circumstances of what happened and what was done about it.