Justin Lee Collins - Control Freak 1st Class (with Oak Leaf Clusters)

JLC, you know that annoying long haired unfunny west-country toss-pot from the TV? The bloke who tedious appearances on TV are because he has a stupid accent and hangs around with poofs.

Well he's a control freak. Who'd thought it? Shame his freakery didn't extend to his gay hair do

Justin Lee Collins 'kept girlfriend's sexual history'

TV presenter Justin Lee Collins forced his girlfriend to recount her past sexual experiences for a graphic notebook dossier, a court has heard.

Mr Collins, 38, denies harassing Anna Larke, of Pirton, Hertfordshire, causing her fear of violence.

St Albans Crown Court heard Mr Collins had a "prurient" interest in her previous relationships, which he "used against her in arguments and assaults".

It is alleged he verbally abused and physically assaulted her, last year.

Prosecutor Peter Shaw said Mr Collins began a "campaign of abuse" and asked questions about Ms Larke's sexual history and wrote "done" in the notepad when he was satisfied with an answer.

Mr Collins once told her she was "riddled with sexually-transmitted diseases", the court heard.

Explaining the star's controlling nature, Ms Larke said: "He wanted a full sexual history of me. He wanted all the details and wanted to write it all down.

"He wanted to know every single person I had slept with or had an encounter with. He said it was for clarity so he could get to grips with my past.
What a complete cock, control freak with a habit of the back hand. Useless cunt.

BBC News - Justin Lee Collins 'kept girlfriend's sexual history'


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I think the word you are looking for is "alleged". The case continues.
Split arrse accuses ex of being a cunt....stop the press!
****STOP PRESS*******STOP PRESS********Sluggy announces secret love triangle while on ARRSE crawl.......STOP PRESS******Bigbird67 confesses to diet hoax*****STOP PRESS*****
Domestic Violence is for tossers but bints that falsely accuse blokes of it deserve a fucking.....erm...slap.
Fuck me, the last Ms Sanchez had once been with a classical pianist cum notable male model. She said it was lovely waking up to his tanned and muscly shoulders whilst tinkling on the ivorys.

He couldn't however do a handstand in the shower, sporting a hungover hard on whilst calling to her 'babe! Come and look what I can do!!'

Game set and match to me I think.
I have seen many, many more gingers with more pigmentation than Ms Larke. I suspect her natural hair colouring is not in fact Goth black...however those are quite natural boobies, albeit unnaturally large for a baboon...

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