Justin Lee Collins: Annoying Cnut or What?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SpannerSpanker, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. After sitting down with my other half the other night i had to endure that scabby w4nker who needs a haircut and shave trying to be a west end star and apparently next he is going to try high diving, who gives a fcuk, just p1ss off and try it, i dont want to fcuking watch it you knob!! I would rather watch the annoying turd die in the electric chair, why doesnt he try that out...??!!??!
    Also to boot he is bezzas with that annoying camp sh1tstabber Alan Carr.
  2. May I suggest night classes or a course in some higher education centre a good course would be a HNC in Remotely Operated Devices or HNC RDC I believe the first remote control they will teach you about is for the TV, then you could turn it over good luck
  3. I think i have mastered the use of the remote control, thanks for the tip anyway :roll:, but due to going out on an all day session the other weekend i was not in the good books of said other half.. She wanted to watch the knobber trying to be a west end star and i wanted to shoot my muck.... :twisted:
  4. And did you are you just another other half walt? Who can't be bothered to steal the pencil batteries from work to power the remote control. or, as I am guessing a closet homo who has designs on anither mans arse, but needs an exscuse to watch a program so uses his other half?
  5. I think he's fu cking hilarious, you need to chill out mate, why so much anger?? you could have left the room, or fecked off to bed seeing as you were wan kered. Just a thought.
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't mind JLC but Alan Carr deserves to be decapitated with a blunt shovel.
  7. I concur.
  8. I love JLC. We belong to the same gym, except he only shows up once every six months. The staff run a sweepstake on when he'll next be in.
  9. Next time you see him smash him in the face with those GBFO weights they have in gyms.
  10. "Good Times" :wink:
  11. Deffo a 'What'
  12. I'd never do JLC GBH with a GBFO weight. Maybe it's because he's from Bristol, but I think he's hilarious.
  13. He's as funny as a cancerous left bollock.

    And as for that seriously unfunny cnut Carr, AIDS is too good for him.
  14. not annoying but certainly a cnut.
  15. Nah, he's funnier than that, he's fecking hilarious. Bring back the A Team, Bring back Grange Hill awesome stuff, Good times.