Justified Outrage?

This is a reader's letter from "Viz". I creamed me skiddies over it, but what do other ARSSErs think?

"I recently attended a bull fight during a holiday in Spain. I went with an open mind, but I can honestly say that I have never been so appalled and upset by an event in all my life.
It cost £8 to get in, a can of coke was another £1.50, and I was sat so far at the back that I couldn't see the cows getting stabbed.

- Victoria Gardner, Sussex."

Or is that too subtle for the NAAFI? :D :D :D

I guess she could have paid 30-odd quid to watch Milwall play. More stabbing than any bullfight, with some Nazi's thrown in for good measure. And she wouldn't have to leave the country.
Organised a platoon trip to Benidorm from Gib once and the coach driver put on a Bull fighting vieo to entertain the troops. Suddenly everyone started cheering, the bus driver was very pleased that we were enjoying the spectacle until he realised that this was the bit in the vid where the bulls won.

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