Justifaction for stopping dole handouts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Le_addeur_noir, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Reading the following on the BBC website is an insult to working people.

    The 7 pounds an hour jobs locals don't want,

    link (hopefully it will work)


    The chav in the hoodie pictured should be sent to a workhouse.

    And as for someone called Hema Patel who says"they should put a stop to immigration totally".Yeah,maybe they should have done before your family immigrated".


    Glad I am not a UK taxpayer?,definatly.

    I notice the area of this article is Peterborough,where the local chavs cause trouble for RAF Wittering personnel.
  2. That link doesn't work mate.
  3. I read this story earlier and i love these quotes (get your outrage meters ready folks)

    edited twice for being a mong
  4. I hope the chav mong in the photograph looking so"cool" in his hoodie is being identified at this very moment by his local jobcentre and his claim is duly rescinded.
  5. Surely choosing to be on the dole shouldn't be an option . If there is a job available either take it or no dole or any other benefits .Works that way in most of Canada
  6. Wait a minute..........

    Butternut Squash is usually planted in the Spring, after all risk of frost is past.... And harvested in late September, before the risk of winter's heavy frosts....

    So what's going on? :?

    [Edited to add a link to a gardening question concerning the harvesting of Butternut Squash from an amateur gardener in Peterborough. http://en.allexperts.com/q/Growing-Vegetables-740/Butternut-Squash-4.htm ]
  7. [Anti-wah]
    I think, and I may be going out on a limb here, that they may have recorded it using one of those videographic camera jigs 6 months ago.

    Or there was some time travel.

    Ah, no I see the problem. Wales.
  8. 7 quid an hour is a lot more than the national minimum wage. More, in fact than a soldier gets!
  9. Ah yes. Wales, where we can spot a wind-up from a country mile away.
  10. The eastern Europeans come here to work and have no desire to claim benefits. I have heard of the old days in the late 50's early 60's where you had a labour exchange and you had to attend. If a local builder wanted two labourers, then off you went and got the going rate. If not you just got the dole for the day. Those on the dole should have to attend similar and while waiting apply for jobs. Trouble is most are actively seeking unemployment, also the job centre is not big enough to hold the army of layabouts. An easier way which would also maintain a population balance is for every eastern European who comes here to work, deport one layabout to eastern europe. He could become a postal signer.
  11. i had the option to go on the dole a couple of times when i went through some dry patches of work, but i decided not to. not only is it on record, but its dignity damaging.

    id rather say to my mates "cant come out on saturday, no job at the moment" than "yea sure, i got to pick up my dole cheque before i meet you though"

    just shows sheer laziness to me. BUT saying that, i understand fully under certain circumstances. someone gets injured at work, the cover doesnt... well cover his time off and he requires help to support his family in the mean time.


    p.s. yes my spelling is awful, its very cold here
  12. Claiming dole is a 'lifestyle choice' nowadays. Not, as it was first intended, a stop gap for people in between employment. Chavs today expect to be given a middle management job with free Subaru, 5 bed house before they'll even think about coming off the dole.

    Nowt wrong with immigrants taking the work. Someone has to do it and if they are willing, good on em. Hopefully in time, their gene pool will replace the locals. Win, win situation really.

    As a foot note. Some people need to understand the difference between 'immigrants' and 'asylum seekers'. Quite different I think you'll find.
  13. I've said it before on my posts.

    There should be no such thing as unemployment benefits.

    You end up unemployed you have a grace period to get back to work, and then you get a "works assignment". On receipt of the "works assignment" you become "Community Employed".

    You get the same dole, but now you work for it. 8 hours a day. In the event of a local farmer needing work, then he can either employ someone or, if he can't fill the vacancies, he can apply for a "CE". The "CE" gets paid the same as the dole, with the extra the farmer would pay going to the State.

    Throw in some education oppurtunities, and the jobs a good one.

    Should soon get some of these "benefits for life" types moving.

    Oh, and payment of the dole is not cash. They go to Asda and buy food stuffs that are then purchased on a special "dole card" (not the fruit :p). School uniforms direct from the school.

    Small amount of cash for them to save or squander.
  14. agreed, i'm working with some polish lads at the minute, and they are proper grafters, won't work past 5 though must be ex-raf :D