Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Daytona955, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. A man found stabbed to death in south London was a convicted child sex offender, it has been revealed.

    Andrew Cunningham, 52, was found dead in his caravan in Riverside Road, in Wandsworth, on Wednesday.

    A post-mortem examination said the cause of death was multiple wounds including mutilation to the groin.

    Mr Cunningham who worked as a lorry driver, was convicted of a sex attack on a girl under the age of 16 in 2001, police sources said.


  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I know vigilanteism (sp? Is it even a word?) is wrong and all that, but sometimes it does give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  3. JUSTICE??

    Not really.

    Or perhaps you think that lynch mobs and illegal executions are a good way to administer justice?
  4. Touchy aren't we? Or do you spend your life looking over your shoulder in case there is a lynch mob behind you.
  5. It would appear to be more effective than the justice doled out by the Courts.
    Won't be having another go at a schoolgirl will he?
  6. Yup, especially where nonces are concerned.
  7. Oh I see. Because I don't believe in murdering criminals then I'm clearly some sort of criminal myself? Very mature.
  8. Well in that case let's kill everybody who commits any offence of any description as that will mean that they won't do it again.

    Of course we might end up with a fairly small population (and next to nobody left on Arrse :wink: ) but what the heck.
  9. Fred you seem very touchy. Have you been bubbled for dishing out Werther's in front of the primary school again?
  10. It's not really murdering, more 'adding some chlorine to the gene pool'.

    How sure are we that it was a lynch mob anyway?
  11. Again? Look it was a simple misunderstanding and anyway the judge threw it out. Honestly.
  12. I hate to be picky but read my original post again and take particular notice of the DOUBLE question marks. Don't be so accusatory next time
  13. I don't believe in murdering criminals either, but unlike you I am not acting all butthurt because a filthy kinderficker predator has been removed from the planet's ecosystem. He should have been locked up for life and not in some cushy open prison either, a bit of victorian squalor would not go amiss. He would have been safe there.
  14. Irrespective of peoples views, the guy had served a sentence as given in court. A civilised society should accept that, and rbe prepared to ehabilitate him. We cannot have vigilante justice being dished out like this, or we will fall further into anarchy.
  15. Maybe, just maybe it was the victim herself who killed him, or maybe her father or another relative who didn't think that a couple of years in prison was enough for sexually assaulting and ruining the life of their child.

    Sometimes lefties really p*ss me off