Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vespa, Sep 16, 2003.

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  1. hey if you dont want to be clamped park where you supposed to park
    otherwise tough shit no f ing sympathy personally think cars shouldnt be clamped just burned :D .
    Speeding unlucky do you know the speed limit ? tough shit .stop whining you know the law keep to it or go by bus aint ******* difficult
  2. There was a story in the national papers two weekends back that seems to have passed unremarked. A thirty something drug dealer gets released from a stay in Windsor Hotels, moves back home and slithers in on an ex Para’s 15 year old daughter. D’oh!

    Cue battered drug dealer. Para didn’t get jailed, he was bound over to keep the peace or some such thing. A trip to Buck House for tea and medals would have been more appropriate.
  3. Twas an ex para Sgt from Richmond.

    Daughter going out with man twelve years older than herself with a criminal record for dealing and robbery.

    Dad goes to Social Services and given a leaflet about dealing with problem teenagers.

    Dad goes to Police who say they can't do anything unless Dad has proof this low life is having sex with the girl.

    Dad and Mum go to see low life and reason with him in a friendly I did twenty two in the Paras sort of way.

    The man chose not to see reason and the Dad hit him with the handle of a machete he was conveniently holding and knocked the scum bag out.

    For once a judge was sensible and said that as a father he could sympathise with the ex para.

    I would contend that the para used reasonable force as he had a machete and if he'd wanted to be unreasonable he'd have hacked useless scummy druggie into several pieces (and saved us all a fortune in prison bills)

    Well Done one up to the Paras.
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I wonder if that would help in a defence?
  5. The very fellow! Thanks for the detail Mushroom.

    As for the defence of “restraint”, if the Para pulled his punches, it should only downgrade the level of the gong awarded.

    The man is a credit to his Regiment. :D
  6. If something like that happened here, a father would have found out his daughter(underage) was sleeping with a 20 or 30 something y.o. man, the father would not have ended up in jail if he had gone through every course for help. In some states, if he still went through all courses for help and didn't get it, and evenkilled the guy, he would not go to jail either, because the police and the proper authorities would be found guilty neglecting their jobs.
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    "Some folk just need killin'"
  8. yeah and in some states thats normal operating procedue
    hark do I hear a banjo ? :lol: