Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stinker, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. Whilst not asking for the work ticket and keys for the outrage bus, I ask.

    If you have no driving licence and and are therefore illegal to drive in the UK, how does disqualifying you from driving, which you can't lawfully anyway, punish your transgression. Obviously this hasn't impacted on the fact that he continues to flout the law by still driving? - Confused I am.

    Is the Magistrates court conversation something like;

    Mag - You are not allowed to drive in the UK without a licence.

    AMI - OK

    You were driving in the UK without a licence so we're disqualifying you from driving.


    Now you've been involved in a RTA and you fled the scene of the accident whilst not holding a licence and being disqualified from driving so we're going to give you a lienient sentance and ban you from driving.


    Your still driving whilst banned with no licence, after being involved in a fatal RTA, whilst banned, so we're going to ban you from driving


    etc, etc


    Oh and how the f*ck does it take 6yrs to get deported.

    IMHO The Justice Secretary should be asking himself in his former role as the Home Secretary why he didn't deport AMI 6 years ago. Not spinning that he's now looking into the case, to appear in the press as tough on crime.

    If nothing else AMI should be in jail.
  2. At least AMI isn't qualified to drive the outrage bus.
  3. But judging from his past he'd give it a damn good try!
  4. The snivelling twAt is using the Human Rights Act as his ticket to stay as `he is entitled to a family life`!!!!!!! Surely he lost his `Uman Rights the minute he got into that car, never mind the horrendous outcome in killing that poor little girl?
    That fukcin` act is the greatest misnomer of our lifetime for it protects only the perpertrator and NOT the victim. How some of these lawyers who argue for this type of scum can sleep at night is beyond me.
    I would vote for ANY political party who as part of their manifesto, binned this ridiculous piece of legislation.

    By the way....a very Merry Christmas to all Arrsers....stay safe wherever you may be.
  5. Quote.

    "I cannot go back to Iraq. Do you not watch the news? It is far too dangerous.”
  6. FFS what is this country coming to? Where the guilty are protected by "human rights" and the innocent are left to pick up the pieces. He should never have been allowed to stay in the country in the first place!! Deport him, we don't need more sc*m on our streets!!!!
  7. Thanks for that intelligent comment Chubb. Please Fuck Off
  8. Why is Iraq(relatively) safe for me,but not for this muppet?

  9. it's not chubb
  10. Someone explained to me the reasoning why someone who does not posess a driving licence gets banned from driving too, and I'm sure there was a logic to it. I just can't remember and I haven't even had a drink yet.

    But I think it's something along the lines of : If stopped in charge of a motor vehicle and not having a license and being banned, he is committing an aggravated offence, or two for one, Not having a Valid License and being disqualified. He cannot argue that he didn't know you needed a licence, as he is well aware of that, and is aware that he is banned from driving for a set period, not just until he acquires a license. This also demonstrates that the defendant cannot be trusted to act responsibly and needs to be placed in custody to prevent the public being placed at risk by there reckless or incompetent driving.

    I also think those who fall into this group have to take a specially extended test if they subsequently apply for a provisonal and take a test after the disqualification period is up.

    Perhaps driving standards could be improved by using the same criteria they use for specialist surgeons, ie: You can only take the test/exam 3 times. After your 3rd fail, you cannot apply again. Ever!

    So fail your driving test 3 times, and take the bus for the rest of your life.

    And get banned twice = banned for life!
  11. What about the human rights of the girl he killed!
    Put him on the first plane to any destination he wants.
  12. My sincere apologies then.,,,,Sorry
  13. A lot of aarsrers would seem to want a return to the Bloody Code or partial Sharia Law,o.k.,he's here as an illegal immigrunt,"umman rights"should not apply,he's a non citizen,send him to a country were they donot have "uman rights" and the death penalty applies, or just get a posse off aarsers and a lorry load of stones. Any takers?