Justice Yemen-style

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Nice shades Mr executioner, looks like you got into 'ally' mode for the crowd and have the look of man who enjoys his work. Good lad
  2. An instant cure for prison overcrowding and cost effective too
  3. Cost effective? ruined a perfectly good rug
  4. I wonder if they have the same philosophy as the Chinese & invoice the family for the cost of the bullet?
  5. And the rug cleaning that I carelessly overlooked
  6. Clearly a safe conviction? I'm not too sure, myself.

    Also, I wonder about any ricochet?

    Oh, and as for the Daily Hate, "what appeared to be a machine gun" and seems, to me, to be an AK-47?
  7. Spare body parts anyone?
  8. Wouldn't have thought there would be one. If you look at the picture further down, he is layed in what appears to be a sand pit. I wonder if they cleaned the blood and bits up before they let the children back to play :twisted:
  9. Overkill; a handgun would have been more efficient.

    Anyway, I thought the traditional method in that part of the world was beheading with a sword?
  10. Political Correctness seems to getting everywhere nowadays. :wink:
  11. Such a shame the traditional skills are not being preserved... :twisted:
  12. Once trial and conviction are over the justice system in Yemen touches base with the victim/victims family and asks what they fancy having done, thje can plump for nice and brutal justice or there is a potential for clemency for a decent wack of cash

    " You wan us ta chop is ed off, or get a gaggle of camels and some cabbage"

    They are a blood thirsty bunch of feckers though
  13. IIRC, one Arab country allows the famlies of murder victims the choice of carrying out the execution themselves. Usually by Stoning the fcuker to death...
  14. I get a massive bollicking of the wife if I drop a bit of fag-ash on the carpet.....That fellah with the gun would be in deep shit with my missus I tell you.