Justice system weighted in favour of criminals, say MPs

Well well.

"Government claims that victims are at the heart of the justice system are misleading as it is actually weighted in favour of criminals, a damning report by MPs has warned. "

"Violent offenders, muggers, burglars and sex offenders were escaping prison because the CPS wanted to guarantee a guilty verdict, according to magistrates, police and barristers who gave evidence to MPs.

The report attacked the growth in out-of-court penalties as a "fundamental change" to criminal justice. This compared with innocent members of the public given harsh fines for overfilling wheelie-bins or driving in bus lanes, a watchdog pointed out. "


Read the report if you can be arrsed:

No! Never! Incredible!

Why do I say that? - because I heard the 'spiv' Bliar say:

[align=center]'Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime'[/align].

What a worthless 'mong' he turned out to be - worthless!

Cause of a crime: Biggs. Weighted in favour of a criminal: Biggs is released.
No fcuking sh1t, Sherlock! 8O :x

Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be a victim of crime could have told you that our so-called "justice system" is a pathetic joke. :evil:
Bravo_Zulu said:
Releasing Biggs at the same time as this report comes out could be a little embarrassing...
ITV1 News made Bigg's release their headline story. Harry Patch's funeral was relegated to second.

Says it all, really. :evil:
I'm tempted to think a more accurate headline would have been "'Please love us, please - I want to keep my cushy job by seeming concerned' say MPs".
The justice system is more weighted in favour of lawyers than criminals .... er, wait a minute.


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in other news, bears seen doing their no.2s in tree filled areas...
im glad someone in authority has noticed it.

There is another slant to it too, of course - money.

A police officer can spend hours or days or sometimes weeks invistigating a case and filling in the excessive paperwork for a court case that might end up getting aa not guilty verdict from a fickle court, magistrates not from this earth or our pathetically over complicated legal system throwing up a 'got off on a technicality' result.

This costs a lot in terms of man hours and taxpayers money, whereas filling in a few forms for a caution or a £80 penalty ticket takes about 2 hours. A lot quicker and a lot cheaper.

Combine that with individual police Borough Command Units being fined if they go over budget and fail to hit targets, similar for CPS, then it's not rocket science to see how the system can be nudged simply to make the day to day running possible.
Shock horror headline: Pope found shitting in the woods!
Why exactly does this pile of sh1t government see the need to "fine" our local governments and departments?

I mean, a department already failing isn't going to magically sort itself out when the government fines it OUR money.
smartascarrots said:
I'm tempted to think a more accurate headline would have been "'Please love us, please - I want to keep my cushy job by seeming concerned' say MPs".
Exactamente!. Mind you, it,s about time some of those party slaves at Westminster said something along those lines, the snivveling dross.

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