Justice Iranian style


Mohammad Bijeh, 24, dubbed "the Tehran desert vampire" by Iran's press, was flogged 100 times before being hanged.

A brother of one of his young victims stabbed him as he was being punished. The mother of another victim was asked to put the noose around his neck.

Hanging by a crane - a common form of execution in Iran - does not involve a swift death as the condemned prisoner's neck is not broken.

The killer collapsed twice during the punishment, although he remained calm and silent throughout.

While I do not condone such punishment, my heart doesn't exactly bleed for him. Maybe my pity switch has been left in the off position.
Got off lightly in my book.

Afraid the mind always asks what if it was my daughter.

Bet there aren't too many more like them thinking they'll only get a cushy time in nick.
Printer said:
the Tehran desert vampire
when will these people learn :roll: this will not do the job, I should know i watched Vanhelsing three times :twisted:
Perhaps the Ayatollah did too......still.....perhaps we will all get a chance to watch as GWB's exit strategy takes us east through his country.... :lol:


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just in case anyone thinks this is the mullahs going a bit OTT, this is from the earlier BBC report on the case at


------------------------------- extract----------------------------------------

The papers said one of the two suspects, a worker in a brick kiln, showed absolutely no sign of remorse for what he had done.

He is quoted as saying he wanted to take revenge on society because as a child he was abused by his stepmother.

Newspapers said the children were beaten with a stone, abused and their bodies buried in makeshift graves with a dead animal left on top to disguise the smell of the rotting corpse.

Press reports said the two suspects have led police to the scene of their latest killing where a bulldozer dug up three burned corpses.

Newspapers have suggested the reason why the killings took so long to be uncovered was that many of the initial victims were Afghan refugees who did not want to file reports with the police because they were illegally staying in Iran.

Bastards - hope he took a long time to croak....

Le Chevre

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