Justice for Terry.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mike_2817, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Terry Walker had served Queen and country in the Falklands, in Northern Ireland and in Iraq.

    Quote from York Press:

    Terry wrote a book about his experances in the RAOC, Service with 321 EOD in Northern Ireland as well as Gulf War One.


    It is a fitting tribute to him if ex-RAOC and RLC bought this book and read about how the MoD treated him.

  2. I wouldn't want to be seen to be standing in the way of what is clearly an honourable pursuit; however, if 'they are entitled' and '[it] is their right', where's the problem?

    His parent's appear to have it right; it is 'heartless'. However, the pension fund is based on entitlement not charity; charity is what we have charities for.

    Go for it though, it may work. I'd be surprised if it did, but it just might; and that's why I'll be signing this petition.

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  3. It is not my campaign but the York Papers. There words not mine. His children are now orphans, and many feel it unjust that the MoD would have paid a reduced pension to his widow, but not in his case as he was divorced. But not to his children, who are very much so his surviving dependants. It has nothing to do with charity.
  4. Ah, I see what you mean (perhaps I did not read it properly). That does alter the viewpoint slightly.

    Anyway, I'm still going to sign, you havent put me off!
  5. I knew Terry when he was a Dvr / No2 at 721 EOD Coy at Chilwell. this is a Soldier that did all sort of stuff without being asked and was always coming up with ideas to help the Bomb disposal teams. He even had a staff - suggestion scheme accepted for a attachment for the 'Wheelbarrow' to allow it not to foul it's command cable when it was reversing - something that is still in use today.
    He didn't deserve what happened to him, and his family deserve better.

    I'll miss him.

    RIP mate.
  6. Well put Mike and Y C. I have only met Terry twice in Germany on a brief visit at 52 ord company and I found him to be jovial and happy always willing to put himself out to help people, a very respected member of the Corp. Having been keeping in contact with him when he was not very well, he was very positive not only for writting his book, but to stand up and be counted investigating as to the cause of the Gulf War Syndrome then.
    Terry is sadly missed even today by his parents and children and did'nt deserved to be badly treated by the MOD then, but he stood to be counted and should of been recognised for his hard work and determination in fightening for many who suffered the Gulf War Syndrome.
    We Shall All Remember Terry and Salute you Mate.