Justice for Pensioners

I know that this is not forum related, but all the same, there are probably allot of Veterans out there that are also suffering because of the Governments stance on Taxing the Pensioners.

Please take a moment to read the Link and add your comments on the Daily Telegraph's Petition, and help the pensioners to get a just deserve.

Like it or not, we all get old... :D

Justice for pensioners petition

Join The Daily Telegraph's campaign to help Britain's elderly savers maintain their income through the downturn.

Around 9m pensioners rely on some form of investment income to supplement their state pension, according to government calculations. The average income from these sources is just 'Read more...'
As both my wife and I are now in the merry band of Pensioners I would rather the government took us out of the Council tax , that would be a much great help to us and others but at least this petition is a start in the right direction . We have paid it all our working lives and have paid more than our share .
I believe that in some parts of Canada pensioners do not have to pay the equivalent of Council tax.
I don't know what others have in mind but increasing the pensioners ISA Limits, stop taxing state pensions and either cutting council tax altogether or at least giving a 50% reduction would all be a start.

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