Justice for all - Labour Gov style


This is sickening! from the Belfast Telegraph:

THE decision of Chief Constable Hugh Orde to close investigations on some 1,800 unsolved terrorist murders, coupled with his termination of the expert unit of recalled former detectives and forensic science specialists working on these "cold cases", raises the most serious financial, political and moral questions.

Currently, the inquiry into the 13 deaths on Bloody Sunday is running at a predicted cost of £200m, to which can be added upwards of £40m for the Finucane and Nelson inquiries.

Yet a specialist unit aimed at bringing to justice those who murdered some 1,800 people, and costing in the region of £1m per annum is to be ended.

Are those who grieve and those who live with mutilated minds and bodies to be denied the basic human right of having the perpetrators brought to justice?

The reason for the gross disparity between the cases cited is political.

Many of the unsolved murders have been committed by those on the run from justice.

It might be politically embarrassing if conclusive evidence warranting prosecution was to be unearthed.


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Of course it's political.

Blair doesn't want IRA cnuts caught, but he wants to continue demonising Loyalists.

Look at the three battalions being disbanded in NI. He is doing that as YET another act of appeasement to TRY and get the IRA to give up weapons. For fcuks sake, what is left to give them short of more compo?

Imagine if Adams or Macguiness were implicated in one of those 1800 murders? (even though there is evidence that Macguiness actually fired the first shot on Bloody Sunday, and it is a well known fact that he was IRA commander in Londonderry on the actual day) Blair is DESPERATE! He has spent the past six years giving the IRA everything they want, and it is coming time now that he has nothing left to give, in any sense.

Blair NEEDS to get something and is depserate for it because HE HAS proven that terrorism WORKS!


fcuk i could solve the bloody sunday murders for 200quid.

its simple we all know guns were present and soldiers are smart enough to shoot those with guns cos u shoot the guy next to a gun man u become a corpse.

its simple common sense

now who do i send my bill to  ;D


The IRA are refusing to hand in weapons because they just don't really have as many as they've led the world to believe!
coupled with the fact that if they give them up and sue for 'peace' then where will they account for all the money from NORAID going.
Their terrorist status is giving them an overblown sence of importance and a free ride on the gravey train of 'poor downtrodden victims'


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