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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. I just got in from starting a team of builders off on a new project.

    They were deep in discussion when I turned up and went quiet when I turned up, when I broke wind and said 'Morning you miserable pack of cnuts' they soon came round and asked my opinion on a very grave matter.

    'Would you bone Anne Robinson'

    They had been watching the test the nation thing and all said that she had made the most of her money and got her head ironed. Only one out of six of them said they wouldn't

    My immediate response was, Fcuk no! then I got to thinking about the plus sides involved..

    Discuss? :-
  2. [​IMG]

    Would you?

    :D :D :D

    I'd have to say no unless absolutely completely and utterly arseholed.

    1. Its ginger
    2. Its Welsh
    3. Its old and made nearly entirely of lego
    4. She must be hanging inside out and have a bucket like a box of chewing gum
  3. Welsh? - She's a Scouser!

    You must remember when she got in the sh1t because she publicly announced her dislike of the Welsh.

    Even more reason not to do her.
  4. Being a Medic, I have done worse QAs than her.........but I would have to be off me heed.....as I was when I did those monsters :roll:
  5. RTFQ



    She'd be grateful (read: she's so desperate she'd agree to do arrse to mouth (to be known as ATM)
    She's had a few, so would have learnt some good tricks
    No one would mind if you rubbed her out when she annoys you.
    She's probably stopped bleeding every month, so no condoms and no pmt.
    She'd be good quality down the pub during impromptu quizes
    The lads could ask her a series of quickfire questions over a few beers and deride her mercilessly when she doesn't know the muzzle velocity of SA80.
    When she catches you with her daughter hanging off the end of you, you can tell her: "you are the weakest link, goodbye."
  6. I would rather slam my ballbag in the armoury door than take them within an inch of that stoater 8O

    She'd probably critique you on your technique while you gave her one anyway :wink:
  7. RTFQ


    not with a glock in her mouth she wouldn't
  8. They all look the same with the lights off....bang away!
  9. Same difference. She is a minging gwar battle axe either way.
  10. It's the same as doing Cilla or Cherie or whoever. You've sh@gged someone famous. Personally, I'd prefer to have sh@gged Kelly Brook, Rachel Stevens etc.
  11. I remember having a conversation with a mate about the same sort of thing. We both started by saying 'no way' and then after a few pints moved to 'I'd like to be able to say I wouldn't but....'


    So, pop quiz, hot shot... would you? Could you? :?
  12. Vanessa? Sh1t, you'd have to be well trolleyed for that one 8O Probably would though, just to say I had :oops:
  13. How about a Razzle-stack of ageing female TV celebs? You could have... hmmm... Ann Robinson, Vanessa Felch (is that how you spell it?), Esther Rantzen, Angela Rippon, Valerie Singleton...

    Christ, the collective gash on that lot would look like the Grand Canyon
  14. RTFQ


    No no no no no no no. I implore you all, DO NOT SH@G FAT BIRDS. It encourages the others and it increases acceptance of phrases such as "it's what's inside that counts" "she's got a lovely personality" "I'm just big-boned" "it's glandular/genetic/hormonal/a cry for help" all of which encourage otherwise nubile young ladies to eat like a seabed dredging whale and not do any phys. If god had wanted birds to be fat he wouldn't have made fat birds so repugnant
  15. Nor would he allow thighs to sweat or unwashed minges to smell like week old anchovy sauce...