Just wondering...

When I went to the AFCO, The girl there said that I was on the borderline and if i lost any weight I would probably fail my medical.
I am about 6ft and weigh about 10 - 10 1/2 stone I think. Is this OK? Or should i put abit more weight on and if so, How much roughly?

Thanks for any help.
Your BMI should be above 17 if I recall, that will fluctuate a lot if you're 16-18, however, I am 5'8 and weigh 10st, so you need to get some bulk on you! Eat man! And work out...Just my couple of pennies..

Medics are fickle. I'm also 6' and, during a medical a couple of years back, I weighed a bit over 13 stones. The medic advised me to lose two and a half stones.

Fcuk me! It's taken 35 years to get that 2 1/2 stones! ;)
i think they use it as an excuse to bin people they dont want, my mate served 3 years and got out, got into bodybuilding and bulked up while in the TA when he tried to rejoin they said his BMI was too heavy despite the fact it was all muscle and he had proven he could do the job and had passed all his tests to regular standard in the TA
Well I like to think your weight should be roughly double your height (ROUGHLY!).

I'm 6ft. 4 and weigh just over 13 stones, so that's pretty close, unless i'm overweight, though I look pretty darn skinny :O
Soozi said:
Nah, can't be right - I'm 5ft, and would be grossly overweight at 10 stone.
Okay, what I meant is it should be double if you want to be fat ;)

Joking.. I think the rule must be "If you're not very small, atleast over 5ft. 10, this rules applies, if you're under 5ft. 10, you should be roughly one and a half times your height in weight."

Hahaha, thanks for the clarification! Although, now I feel fat - cos I'm more than 1.5 times my height!!!!

Ok, no more pies for me then!
Better check again!

Only joking, but 10st does seem a bit light for 6ft. Get yourself on the lash, and have a couple of kebabs on the way home! Fatter in no time - worked for me!!!
Lol.. Soozi doing that has ruined my fitness routine. I now do f*ck all and am sick of eating greasy food. I also tried cigarettes which helped me to get unfit to no end ;) I can still run better than I ever could before when i APPARENTLY had asthma and was too weak to TRY to run far.

But still.. just put on the pounds a bit and try to get fit again. I reckon i'll be overweight soon enough (muscle obviously).. imma gonna enjoy my life untill nearing the end of my nice and cosy college course when i'll really visualise that finish line and where I want to be. :)
I was bang on 6 foot tall and bang on 10 stone at selection. By week 16 of the CIC (PARA) course though I am a healthy 6 foot 1 and 12 stone 3. At selection they never had any problems with my weight. So I wouldn't worry about bulking up before you get there if I was you.

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