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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lockedandloaded, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. I was just looking at a list of kit i need for catterick basic training, but i was wondering if someone could tell me a list of things that you are issued, boots etc.

    thanks for the help :)
  2. well you get issued:

    2 combat jackets
    3 combat 95 shirts
    3 combat trousers
    2 pairs of boots
    2 drill shirts
    2 drill trousers
    1 belt
    1 beret
    1 regimental cap badge
    ear defenders
    5 pairs of black socks
    2 pairs of winter socks
    pair of gortex socks
    gortex trousers
    gortex jacket
    2 norwegians
    1 fleece
    3 PT shirts
    2 PT shorts
    2 winter jumpers
    1 pair of Hitec trainers
    1 burgen
    2 black issue bags
    2 water bottles
    2 mess tins
    2 crappy towels
    rifle cleaning kit
    roll mat
    body armor
    bivy bag
    s10 respirator
    respirator havy sack
    2 webbing yokes
    webbing pouches
    entrenching tool
    1 wash bag

    then ur regimental track suit and 2 1st battalion shirts whcih are compulsary but u have to pay for

    But thats all i can really remember off my head :D
  3. hey welcome back ducky! so far so good up there? i start next sunday :D
  4. Are you in P5 ducky...?
  5. is that list the same as you get at phase 1?
  6. you only need that shit for the bullshit locker inspections and then never get to wear it, i binned all that shit years ago.
  7. Why would you need to be issued body armour for?
  8. March and shoot
    Night Shoots
    Moving Targets
  9. You'll be issued everything you need. What you want is a different matter.
  10. I want a cat. Is that issued? :p

    Sounds good really, that's what i could have imagined. Obviously things like bungees, tent pegs etc. you'll need to buy yourself? :O
  11. :roll: you know you have p*ssed you stripey off if he asks you to don body armour , then uses you as a moving target. You might get lucky and find its me behind the rifle as I cant hit a barn door with a bazooka. :wink:

  12. :D