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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stabandswat, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. I am TA at present but if I decide to go Regs would I automatically take any course quals with me? For example..... if I was an NBC (CBRN) instructor with the TA and then went through Phases 1 and 2 with the regs would I still hold the NBC qual? Same with things like SAA instructor or PTI etc??
  2. MY my, aren't we the little badge collector! Let's put it like this, why do you think you have to do phase 1 and 2 if you're already a trained TA soldier then ask yourself the same question...
  3. FLPPB.. After reading several other threads on here regarding joining the Regs from the TA I have come to the conclusion that whilst I would not have to re-do CMS(R) (also as stated by the ACIO online) I would still prefer to do it as it would stop any grumbling about not being 'proper trained like' I merely wondered if I did any courses through the TA now would they be accepted if I ever decided to join the Regs.
  4. So are you telling me you are prepared to do basic to stop bods bitching you're a back door stab that hasn't done 'real' basic but expect to keep TA quals and use them as a regular soldier with regular soldiers? I don't think you've thought this out very well, have you.

    Why not just do basic, get some time in and then do the regular courses - I think you'll find there's a hell of a lot more to both regular courses but you'll have inst tec experience and perhaps a better background knowledge and should 'shine' on the course.
  5. Well the DITs course is the same course for both Regs and TA and I guess a number of other courses are similar. So I guess there's a very good point to SaS's question.

    If CMCQ teaches you to conduct weapon safety tests why would this be significantly different to the Reg's? It's the same weapon systems and the same danger if you get it wrong.

    SaS may well have done more days active combat duty, in a higher rank, than the people teaching him at CMS(R) but they are still prepared to go back to square one to 'learn things properly' and also to stop the bitching.
  6. I know you wouldn't be able to take SAA with you as on the TA course you only do the rifle and LSW...together with CMCQ. On the regular course you are taught all the various weapons systems plus RMQ, but if you already have CMCQ and RMQ as seperate courses, I cannot see why you cannot keep them.
    My advice, for what it is worth, is redo basic, keep your trap shut about being in the TA, (as the instructors will make life difficult for you), shine on that and come top of class. Once you have got to your regiment/corps then mention you were TA and the courses you had and let RHQ make the decision for you. If they say no, you have not lost anything...you already know the subject matter and so you will shine and come out top of the class - again.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.
  7. TA_Sig/MBE Thanks for the input. I was of the assumption (I know never assume) that the courses would be the same. If thats not the case then it's something to do IF I join the regs. This scenario was only hypothetical as I am considering the Regs and figured that until the time I CAN join (due to financial commitments it would be impractical for me to join now) if I could do them whilst in the TA it would save me a bit of time if I went Regular.
  8. CBRNI course is the same for both Reg/TA, you should be able to keep that.
  9. I have a similar question.

    I joined the regs in 04 and completed basic. 354 days later I PVR'ed whilst in phase 2, then 6 months later joined the TA.
    I am now trade trained but want to go back to the regs (have had no luck in getting on tours or FTRS) and am currently wating for the ACIO to recieve my docs from Glasgow.
    I know I would have to do trade training again, however would I have to do basic again?

    One guy I know did the same thing, however he was out the regs for a total of 6 years of which the last 1 he had been in the TA. He has to do basic again.

    The careers office say I shouldnt have to do basic again but it is not their decision and Glasgow works in strange ways.
  10. Should'nt think you'd have to do basic again, however, REME MCM DIV are less predictable than an un-predictable thing...

    All depends which arm of service your going back to.

    Good luck.
  11. Thanks.

    Im hoping to go back into REME as a Reccy Mech again.

    Its been over two months since I went to the ACIO and I havent heard anything yet but I will give it six months before following up as admin in the Armed Forces seems to take place in a galaxy far, far away...