Just wondering...........

.....been out of the loop a bit as far as news is concerned....

Have any significant "weapons of mass destruction" been found yet?


Didn't think so.....

.......all a load of bollox really wasn't it? :mad:
Now Eagle, I understand your concern over this important issue, but I'm sure that that nice Mr. Blair and that nice Mr. Bush will show us these WMD's shortly, as they keep saying.

Especially since that earnest gentleman Mr. Blix, and his team of experienced professionals are not allowed back into the country  :mad:
I'm sure they will find some naughty elastic for SH's catapult.


A conundrum - prove positively that something doesn't exist? A bit like the old UNFICYP motto:

"Fighting for peace is like fcuking for virginity


I have to concurr with Eagle that there has been no evidence of such activities in my country.  do not belive the lies you hear from the B Liarist BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/3008983.stm#graphic



Such pictures as these are in fact swimming pool
filtration systems destined for the underprivilidged refugees in Portugal.  The specs of blue paint on the URAL 375 in the top shot, indicate that these civilian vehicles had been misappropriated by rogue factions of our old reigeme's military.

Allah be praised that this infamy was revealed just before the recent liberation!!


I m sure they have a sub in the persian gulf which is full of weapons of mass destruction which they are currently peeling the "made in USA" stickers off to be replaced by "sadam inc"

Cynical? not a bit...thats what the army does for me bah!
Still no sign of the WMD's but people on the other means talking about "Blister Agent shells were found etc etc etc.

Now the politicos are subtly altering the message to "He had the capability to produce" as opposed to "He has got them, and we've got him bang-to-rights"

I seem to remember, Dubya flying onto an aircraft carrier and declaring the war over. Now it seems an Apache has had a "Enemy Induced Total Systems Failure" , but the crew are ok. Mind you, American soldiers are still getting killed.

American commanders talking about carrying out operations against a terrorist camp today. Terrorist camp? What? Al-Qaeda have regrouped inside Iraq and are carryiong this out are they?

As Eagle says, it's all bollox. Who to vote for next time? Might as well be Monster Raving loony


Having seen you in action, it loks like the recruiters fell for your big lie too!!!! ;)

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