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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dont_Fear_The_Reaper, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Firstly, apologies if anyone else has asked this.

    Despite the recent death and subsequent resurrection of the TA trg regime, how many of our soldiers have already found something else (paid) to do?

    I wonder if the f%ckwits in Whitehall/Westminster realise what they have (potentially) done to the TA?
  2. The fact that it looked like I would not be able to enjoy the kind of things that the TA offers me (i.e. the bread n butter of Infantry work) has made me seriously consider doing it full time. Purely because I think think huge cuts are still inevitable for us STABs.
  3. reality is 'egg on face' - the PM clearly wasn't briefed properly.

    I think that this is a double whammy!

    1. they have reinstated the funding - complete U turn.

    2. By definition, PR10 will now be steady state rather than an uplift from nothing - i.e. it would have been less than steady state.

  4. Don't you mean "f%ckwits at LAND" i.e. the ones who made the decision?
  5. Hopefully the decision was overturned before too much damage was done, I know at my unit the "usual suspects" were in on a C1 training night.
  6. But training days were already limited, and in the Opposition debate Liabour even amended the motion thanking the TA to include a bit congratulating the government on ring-fencing the £20 million.

    How can they have rinfg-fenced something that is being brought in from elsewhere (Treasury budget) ?.

    Smug lying B'Stards
  7. Chaps my regiment has had no weekends since before June, even so soldiers were still attending, there was no kit in the garages and no training apart from basic signalling skills.