Just who is the rankest person on tv?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Its_a_troop!!, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. This topic makes my blood boil as i have one person whom when this biff appear on my screen i have to hurl abuse at the screen until she has exited left, the person im talkng about is that Sonia bird of eastenders. who ever allows this thing on television screens across the country should be beaten with planks imbedded with rusty nails!
    I hate her with a passion and she should do the right thing and die!
    or is that being a bit harsh??
    your views please!
    Also anyone else who makes you want to vomit whilst watching television!

  2. Actually ... I quite fancy her
  3. Mate!
    You obviously have issues that only medication can sort out!

  4. I don't know, a threesome with her & her lesbian girlfriend could be very entertaining
  5. Sorry, it's got to be those two annoying to$$ers from the BBC2 quiz show "Eggheads" (or should that be "Kn0bheads"?), namely TJ de Mooy and Chris Hughes. Those pair are just so smug and Goddamn pretentious....
  6. Troop I agree, she's a right fukcing gomper
  7. Is it her or the part she plays?
    I have problems with Dale Winton.
  8. Its her she is horrid! i was tempted to find out her real name but fear of seeing her pic made me think otherwise!

  9. Sorry, don't know this Sonia bird...don't watch any of the soaps, but for my money, the biggest waste of skin on the box is that bell-end Jonathan Woss. He makes my flesh crawl, in fact, if Bernoulli's pit still has any vacancies........
    Oh yeah, pour on some benzin and apply the lighted match first! :twisted:
  10. does your tv not have an off switch?
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    " Doctor " Gillian McKeith - AKA << Pol Pot in a labcoat >>

    God could have made two good dolphins out of her...what a waste of protein.... :evil:

    I pray for the day when someone reacts to her waltzing up burbling about Alfalfa and brown lentils by pushing their half eaten Megadeath-Double-Cheese-Extra Whammy burger straight into her mealy mouthed letterbox shut-faced fraudulent scabby mush....roll on oh frabjous day !!!

    [calm...calm...calm....serene thoughts.....Om Mane Padme Hum.....OMMMMMM.......]

    Lee Shaver ( whose sister is a dietician)
  12. Everytime I see Kate Thornton I want to throw a hammer at the screen... why does she always dress like a fcuking christmas cracker? And so pretentious, and arrogant. Whore.

    I still would though. Once, maybe. :oops:
  13. It's got to be that podgy po- and dough faced bint Shami chakrabati. You can tell just by looking at her that every time she has another "Liberty" victory, she is wracked by self hatred and compensates for it by stuffing doughnuts and aubergines up her flange. The f*cking bloater.
  14. Tony Blackburn was on earlier - he grips my sh*t.

    Noel fcuking Edmonds.

    Any of the current BBC news teams; cnuts the fcuking lot of them
  15. Jade Goody ... enough said! :puker: