Just when you thought it was safe ...

Thought that you'd be interested / amused / shocked by a three page letter that we received today from the residents of 19 Grays Lane. Page 1 was a random set of personal thoughts about the merits or not of protesting and the merits or not of getting involved in military ops in Iraq and Afghanistan (including whether it is better to grow potatoes than opium - his conclusion, by the way, is 'no'!)

Page 2 contains the fact that he is 'perplexed' :? (a word that he repeats frequently). Perplexed :? that SSAFA has bought a "5 or 6 bedroom" house - not sure which bit of the incessantly repeated number 7 has confused him - when, and I paraphrase this fairly accurately, he is a property developer and has a number of 2 bedroomed flats available in Letherhead that we could have bought. He really is very perplexed :? that we have chosen a '5 or 6' bedroomed house and not his 2 bedroom flats - we could buy quite a few of these - because they represent far better value and are far better suited to our needs. So he intends to ask further questions :lol: !

Oh, and I almost forgot, because he's so perplexed :? and because he hasn't contacted us or MVDC at any stage before, he's copied his letter to the Editor of the Today Programme, the Editor of BBC Breakfast TV and Grayling MP! :D :D :D :D
Um, erm, err, not really sure what to make of that, in fact I think it's fair to say that I'm perplexed! :? :D What a total throbber!
I was perplexed how I was going to keep us in the media view until SSAFA launched an appeal.

Imagine my delight when the Grays Lane residents solved this tricky problem for me :D
[quote="Perplexed of Ashtead] he is 'perplexed'[/quote]

Isn't that a sort of magenta coloured, rough textured, ceiling coating? Or am i just, errr, perplexed?
Am still peeking in every now and again, see addicted - have another hot date with the littleuns at a folk fest this w/end, but i was also somewhat perplexed :? at the bizarre correspondence - methinks there are some that will never quite get the gist of it, thank gawd for those that do! :highfive:
Priceless. Why take the trouble to shoot him in the foot when he's done it for you!

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