Just when you thought civvies couldnt get more stupid....

Gentleman ......the mind boggles.

After an hour of reading this tripe I really think we should give up and go home.
Just give up then. I fcuking have
Were you after child porn and google directed you there?
FFS never though of that!! :)

I get all my porn through abbywinters.com. Try it, I can heartily reccomend it and no-one under the age of twelve.


Reminds me of some stuff I've read by people speaking of 'cause stalking'. 'Frequency attacks'? Seems to be of a similar ilk...
That's serious tin foil hat stuff,

"Worldwide Masonic Secret Society-run social system",

"Secret Society run Government Intelligence agencies' structure",

"Masonic Intelligence-run mass-media",

I particularly like this helpful picture

This one I feel is self explanatory.

Whoop whoop!!


Nice avatar change CQMS...I, as it happens, had Moonchild delivered this very day. It's meant to be terribly written, still... I recently read 'Secret Agent 666' which was quite interesting if not a little tinfoily...premises that the Beast was involved in setting up the sinking of the Lusitania to draw the US into WWI.


Donkey-Spanker said:
Nehustan said:
jarrod248 said:
I can confirm no chldren were abused on this thread.
I don't know...my inner child is cringing... :twisted:
Would I get into trouble if I started touching my inner child?
I suppose that would depend how and where you touched him. A Disney film might be on the right side of allowable...
I thought this was bit made up until I saw one of the impeccable references quoted:

(diagram from 'Suffer Little Children' - Children of the Matrix, courtesy of David Icke)
If David Icke says so, it must be true. I am a convert.
Bravo_Zulu said:
Hmm, not impressed. Yes, they've got the Illuminati and the Masons in it, but it's not a proper conspiracy without the Knights Templar...
Oh and where was the Grey Aliens doing anal probes bit.The only dodgy thing is nutter

looks like a kiddie fiddler to me.
chinooksdad said:
Gentleman ......the mind boggles.

After an hour of reading this tripe I really think we should give up and go home.
You're not a mason by any chance are you? *Wiggle wiggle, shake, thumb turn index finger up, pinky left, then right, then left.*

If you want to join a secretive drinking club, may I suggest TA MI?

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