Just when you think Politicians have hit bottom...

They come up with this bright idea...

TORONTO -- So serious is he about the welfare of seniors, Ontario's health minister said Wednesday he's prepared to don an adult diaper -- and use it -- to satisfy himself that elderly residents of the province's nursing homes are getting appropriate care.

Now I realize that this is about a Canadian politician, but this is way too juicy not to have a fun with.

So, would a Brit politician do the same for their constituents? And who would it be? What product would he/she use?
Whatta clown. Also, don't forget he's a homosexual deviant, so the diaper's likely nothing new for him. Will Daddy Dalton discipline then powder his bottom?Tune in to CPAC for the shocking finale!
That feckin Dave Duvall wears them I think the stupid git.
Well in Britain there is apparantly a Rat problem (so the adverts say).

I think a few politicans taking rat poison to demonstrate that it is effective would boost public confidence no end.

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