Just what the hell is this thing?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by RUCFOREVER, May 3, 2011.

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  1. Certainly interesting from OBLs back garden




  2. Piece of an EKRANOPLAN ?
  3. Bill Sweetman on his Ares blog claims that is a stealth version of an H-60 Blackhawk. Sounds like just the sort of expensive toy that JSOC would have.
  4. I was thinking that it was a load of BS that they got OBL...now seeing that pic, they must have been doing something serious out there other than Obamas PR excercise
  5. It crashed so the US SF occupants set fire to it in order to prevent it falling into hostile hands. If you look closely at the 4th picture, you can just make out a bit of smoke staining.

    More interesting, from a FP point of view anyway, is the 2nd photo which shows that what would appear to a passer by to be a brick wall is actually concrete, hence the absence of damage to it.
  6. Well, the tail rotor's on the correct side of the fin and with the correct looking cant angle for it to have fallen off of a former sneaky-beaky Blackhawk.....
  7. According to Reuters, its just a new version and 71 of them are on initial order
  8. And looking at the last picture, particularly the colours of the hook on the crane - Did they ask the REME to recover it? or has some ex bod settled in Pakistan and set up a recovery business?


  9. It's quite a mod.....
  10. quite so BB and i felt like i just ate the whole squadrons supply of biscuit fruit when i saw it...what, me being a crab and all ;)
  11. That isn't a MH-60 with mods anyway. Its unlike anything I seen before, due to some parts looking like H-60 family i'd say its a new breed of H-60 or a whole new bird
  12. what the hell it was, nobody knows just yet but by the looks of it and by the reports of 'analysts' on the news, it was some kind of stealth jobbie...

    1. If your in and out, what the **** does stealth matter, you've dropped in and buggered off back in time for tea and medals before any sod has had chance to get the report in and react.
    2. Chubba chubbas did the job just fine because no ****** can work out which direction they were coming from or going too unless you actually see them, but by either point, its far too late.
    3. A lot of money must have been spent on this, new bird or heavilly modded and reskinned new mark, doesn't matter. I was parked very badly in the worst place possible and .... well see the points above...

    i could go on but i need a ciggie and beer run..
  13. I'm really big into rotor and fixed wing aircraft, I'd love to see the full aircraft and see the next gen H-60 heli's and what they have changed or to see the USA's new spec ops chopper
  14. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    The Sceptics are now shitting their denims because the tail section has all the sneaky stuff. They want it back from the Pakistani Army ASAP before the Chinese get any opportunity to get their slanty eyes on it!!!!

    Given the corrupt Government of Pakistan plus their inherent ability to produce first class software/ system engineers, I have no doubt Abdul and Muhammad are crawling all over it as I type to sell system data onto whoever wants it
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