Just what is the difference between UK/Aus Armies?

I apologise if this is in one of the many posts in the Aus Section but im asking because of a post in the QM bit.
It was on about the Plat A Tac webbing and a letter issued by Aus Army heirachy and its insistence that only issued webbing be worn etc etc.
The content of the letter seemed a bit backward(?). So it got me thinking, how different is the Australian Army compared to ourselves.
In respect of kit either on ex or in camp can you wear, within reason(!), what you want. In our Unit, Lowas seem to be the norm now and not just on Ops or Ex.
On Exercises are they full on or are they at a "relaxed" pace.
Back in camp, is day to day life busy?
I know there is plenty of info on applying and getting into the Aus Army but what is life actually like in it??
Cheers in advance!

Apart from Naafi break (or mornos) being at 1000 instead of 1030.........!
Seriously, my job day to day is pretty much the same as it was in the UK, but I know of other laterals who sometimes "bang their heads against the wall" suffering from a wee attack of frustration now and then!

Regarding webbing the issue was over blank/ball contamination with rounds finding their way into all sorts of nooks & crannies in non-issue chest rigs (I'm sure someone will clarify this point), so a blanket ban was put in place on non issue webbing/rigs.

When it comes to wearing non-issue kit, this is when things can get a little ****!
I was politely informed that only issued t-shirts are to be worn- I know some laterals regard this as a form of sport known as "RSM baiting"!

Same with boots, the issue is a brand of desert type boot called Terra Boots. If you are deploying or have a medical chit you can wear an alternative brand from an approved list.
I wear UK issued desert socks as I find them quite comfy. You should have heard the intake of breath in the changing room, with the look of horror on the guys faces with grumblings about the Sgt Major not finding out!
I thought they were joking at first!!!! 8O

Apart from these very small issues its fairly relaxed and doesn't feel "alien" to me after 18 years or so in the Brit Army.

Mr Weegwa
The webbing issue has come about as weegwa has said above, the Australian version of the Health and Safety executive has issued a notice to defence saying it must not allow soldiers to use non-approved pouches for storing ammunition. The Army was quite happy to crack on, it is the civvies that have forced the Army hand.

Daily life is busy in some units - Darwin is probably the busiest posting area, there are units there that continually had troops deployed on Ops since 1999.
Other Brigades seem to have it a bit easier - but then I'm not there so I couldn't be sure..

On exercise, it can seem that you have stepped back to the 1980s sometimes, but I suppose 'stand to' at dawn and dusk is traditional...

Overall, I really do enjoy the life here, I have no regrets at all about coming and I can see things here that the British Army could learn from.
Cheers for replies. One of our lads left Cdo Log as Sgt at about his 12yr point and transferred. Keen as mustard but said he found it very different on Ex etc with Aus Army.
More experiences welcome.
I am an IS Engr with just under 2 years left (excluding VENG). I will be making the initial application for the Australian Army in a few months (after being advised that I could only apply at my 18 month point). As soon as I get the thumbs up from the Australian Army I will then put in my papers and cancel my VENG. I'm guessing that there's plenty of other people out there in exactly the same situation?
Apart from the obvious differences in weapons, kit, uniform, giving the word of command for the halt on the bloody wrong foot, marching too slowly as well as sounding like yanks when they call out the time and calling Recce, Recon very,very little.

I did 4 months with 3RAR in the 90's and as soldiers were very much like us.
Unfortunatly I was a 70's /80's Brit army Guards Brigade and you can imagine how **** the regimaent was in barracks and on exercise it was always 'full on'. No civvy's alowed in camp execept Saturday/Sunday and jackets and ties to go out. Some of the boys who are still in say it has relaxed but it seems not nearly as much as in the Oz army. In terms of characters and soldiering we had a few ozzies in the reg and we had exchange officers over , and they were always top class soldiers so I am sure theres little difference in capabilties.


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