Just what is our strategy? Does the government have any idea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Years ago it was easy; all the pink bits on the map and the ports dotted around the world linking it all together gave us a reason to defend our corner.

    Today we seem to be ricocheting from one war zone to another without any coherent strategic thought behind our intervention. What exactly are we doing in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Our government, apart from quoting the mantra, “Its war on terrorism,” can’t really explain our involvement at a strategic level.

    So what’s in it for us? We aren’t defending an empire, we aren’t defending Great Britain, and we aren’t preventing attacks on our home-land, all we seem to be doing is to antagonise everyone we come into contact with.

    It just doesn’t make strategic sense.

    ps: Don’t mention Oil. USA, Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria, etc., etc., have enough for our small needs.
  2. Shaggers, heaven forbid don't ask that question of the Govt, and don't ask Cameron either, they don't have a clue.

    And don't ask the service chiefs who went along with it and subsequently broke the train set.

    I heard on R4 Today the best suggestion yet. The British Govt appoints an official Historian whose job it is to have a word in the ear about what has been tried before (and failed).

    Oh imagine my surprise, Iraq and Afghanistan, would you believe it?

    Course it wouldn't make a difference because they don't listen and the Service Chiefs love collecting titles.

    Nice idea though.
  3. Best give them a history lesson - several suitable examples come to mind.

    To answer your question though SN,

    Afghanistan - We're fighting Terry.
    Iraq - We're witnessing ethnic cleansing.

    From the old pink map methodology - what percentage (landmass) have we given up? Any ideas?
  4. You ask why we are doing it and then say don't mention oil and the USA...


    The reason why we are following the ___ around the globe to Iraq and Afghanistan is so the ___ and in turn we can secure our ___ interests in the region and so the ___ can retaliate to the attacks on __ soil in 2001. I imagine there is some money to be made in or saved in following the ___ into battle and so Swiss Tony went for it.
  5. I thought Strategy was conceptual, or was it a Board Game. If it is the latter can Mr Broon (both) have it for Xmas!?

    Edited once cos I cant spell!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    And Iraq is based on our experiences in Bosnia. See, we do learn from history.

  7. Only just thought of that have they?
  8. I listened to the debate on R4 and the two historians sounded like two economists the way they argued. I suppose the two disciplines are similar, always looking in the rear view mirror and all that but they did say that their advice to the Govt wouldn't probably differ. One of them stated that Govts of old always referred to historians before making big decisions. Tony just liked to sit on the sofa and navel gaze with his closest chums. I can't quite work out why Cameron, Osbourne, Fox, Hague et al all think the same way.
  9. Bad education........