just what is airborne webbing

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thedobo, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Maybe a bit bone, but........
    where does the term airborne webbing come from, and who decided it?
  2. It's a marketing thing ! See dragon supplies's website if you want details of the kit in question.
  3. is not worth bothering with. Go for a belt rig from Troopers or Jay jays, far better.
  4. or pm me your requirements and i will make you a set for £100
  5. would you post some pictures of the webbing for 100 i am intrested thanks
  6. The "Airborne" bit comes from the fact that Arktis down here in Devon, always used to "look after" the RM, so when Dragon decided to make / have made for them, their own items, as they are based in Para Land, it was they way to go to help get the sales.

    The items that Extra Range make, are marketed out to trade shops as SF Webbing.
  7. Who are Extra Range, can´t google them, nor "SF Webbing".
  8. i would but am unsure how to advice please ?
  9. Extra Range (Range Master) they don't have a website, but you can find their details online if you wish to contact them.
  10. the top 2 are of a floating lid which is completely removable and becomes a grab bag with shoulder strap ,below these are the airborn stlye webbing with out the issue yoke !

    25mm ITW nexus clips on all utility pouches and 50mm buckle for the waist much better than the roll pin style ,ammo poches are all hook and loop with press studs if required ,but its all done to your spec !

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  11. I must say Fatmini's kit is great quality. He's made stuff for me and I've never had any issues.... He only uses the very best materials and everything is made to your requirements....

    And no I'm no on commission!!!!!
  12. Actually commission might not be a bad idea!!!! Not only is that my Bergen...

    That's my back garden!!!!!!
  13. Fatmini - the kit looks good! I like the grab bag idea, I'm currently using a Jay Jays custom rig - how does yours compare? (Webbing that is)
  14. Thanks!

    I have only see one set of jay jays up close and it was a fairly old set may be 10 years old? I haven’t been making mine that long so cant say for definite but I machine it all to the same standard as MOD spec kit and use ITW Nexus/fixlock/dura flex clips and "D" rings etc... So it should all last as long as the others stuff on the market and I know for definite it will last longer than webtex there clips are far too brittle and brake very easy!

    The webbing straps are of made of a woven polypropylene, which doesn’t shrink or stretch when wet, which means it doesn’t slide through clips and buckles
    This is much lighter weight webbing than the issue stuff (Arktis use it on their kit) but I can also make it in the issue stuff if preferred

    Its all made to order and customer spec so i have none in stock ,its about a 2 week turn around from getting the order to you getting on your door step ,but this does depend on delivery times ! :)
  15. and i think its your arrse in the 1st pic to ! :lol: