Just watched a bus driver kick the crap out of someone!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jim30, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. I was travelling in Central London on the No 40 bus this morning past Monument station when I saw a London bendy bus driver finally lose it. We saw some long haired hippy type at the window of the bus speaking to the driver, before he then spat at him. At this point, the driver was out of his cab, marching round to the hippy and commenced kicking nine bells out of him. He punched him, floored him, carried on kicking him and in the end had to have three men pull him off the hippy, all the while he was carrying on kicking him. Great fun to watch, and very amusing to see everyone filming it on their mobile phones...

    Moral of the story – I’m going to be much nicer to bus drivers in future – but good drills that man – hippy didn’t know what had hit him...
  2. So the driver allowed himself to be recorded by all the internal cameras :?

    Call me skeptical but are you sure the hippy wasn't asking for his change
  3. Expect to be seeing this on BBCLondon news sometime soon...
  4. Before or after it appears on YouTube? :lol:
  5. Oops, the driver is probably going to lose that one. Effing hippies.
  6. "So the driver allowed himself to be recorded by all the internal cameras "

    No - he got out of the bus, walked to the side and did it - kind of stupid to do as it was at Monument station at nearly midday - more witnesses than you can shake a pointy stick at!
  7. Bollox, I must have just missed that, was round there just after half 11
  8. Good lad. Far too little "instant justice" administered these days as employees follow company policy/union guidance in avoiding confrontation and letting some scumbag treat them like sh*t.
  9. Spitting is classed as assault.We were issued with swabs on buses in Liverpool to get DNA samples.Sympathise entirely with driver,but sounded like he overdid it .........understandibly.
    PS Think spitting on someone if 'he was after his change' is indefensible.
  10. If you spit at me, justice will be swift and overwhelming. It's fecking seriously imflamatory
  11. Enough said.......Right you cnut ...have some of this.. :x

    Can't have one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us, If thee gob in my face, should I turn the other cheek? I think fukcing not.
  12. I bet idiot wishes he never got a return ticket
  13. Sadly, only saw something similar once in my years in DSS; some fuckwit prima donna was sighing tragically, checking his watch, and rolling his eyes as my supervisor attended to the elderly couple ahead of him.

    Turned out she knew him for the ****** he was; she leaned around the old dears and told him (politely but firmly) to lay off the histrionics or get out.

    His face was a picture-no more trouble from him! This kind of thing does have its place, but the driver will probably get sacked for it, unfortunately.
  14. Just as well the driver's brother in law wasn't on the bus,having just bought a cricket bat from Lillywhite's.
  15. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I too only have a similar tale, but not to the same extent.

    Was in the queue at boots admiring the rear of a young blonde in front of me, when an older, acne scarred fellow stood in front. YB leans forward, taps him on the shoulder and politely informs him that there is a queue. He looks back and goldfishes a bit before stomping off towards the exit, slamming the door open, while looking back over his shoulder, looking outraged. Unfortunately, he didnt realise that the door being slammed open only went 90 degrees before stopping and rebounding back with a similar force to which it was opened, into his cratered face!
    Cue much chuckling, especially as i recognised him as one of the more **** teachers from school! 8)